ode to daily readers… (and the categories contained herein)

You have been here before and so have I,

we share a common thread…

so nice to see you again, my friend. 

Even with the day to day,

it has been too long in between…

how is the world treating us? 

I am only my words here now, I know…

but here I remain for you to revisit

and claim me as your own.

Is it presumptuous of me to assume you are there? 

To read and re-read what my thoughts lay bare? 

Still… be kind to my prose, my gentle one.

Do not judge my lines too harshly,  

My heart only knows the simpliest of beats

which inspires my words. 

Tis the conveyance of emotion only.  

Oh, the coldness… even here in this tropical clime,

the world can be so unkind. 

Let me be that blanket in your garden,

kneeling beside you…

swoon in my arms, my fair one. 

Feel my caress, these syllables…

Fall into the embrace of my words…

This is my ode to daily readers.  

I dedicate my verse to you,

and as for the love songs we have known

and those that have not favored us.

Songs yet to be written

and those too soon forgotten…

hear them again as if for the first time. 

They still express the sentiment

they inspire those near and far…

other lovers garnish what we have reaped.

You are my reward…

enrich me again,

line by line.

4 Responses to “ode to daily readers… (and the categories contained herein)”

  1. chirchi965 Says:



  2. msdane Says:

    I was looking for a certain children’s poem, I found this by Thomas Moore. Not that it necessarily fits into this blog, but it fits in with a lot of your writing and thought you’d like to maybe reflect on it.

    “The way I imagine a deep soul connection, love picks you and your partner. The “soul” part of soul mate is the depth of the connection. It goes beyond reason and control and seems to be ordained by fate.”

    Interesting, don’t you think?

  3. sleepyjane Says:

    Hi Me again. 🙂 I loved this, would you mind very much if I could share this with my readers? I promise to link you. 🙂

  4. chrisfiore5 Says:

    hello sleepyjane,

    I do not mind… thank you for sharing, I really appreciate that.

    you have become quite the regular, look forward to “seeing” you again soon.

    Hope you had great holidays…

    peace, my friend

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