SPACE… the final front tear

Captain’s log… supplemental:

To think that we are the only species aware of our own conscious thought may be the height of arrogance for mankind, and to surmise that we walk alone in our fears is the ultimate mistake. These are unalienable truths… the space between us is as vast as a passing celestial event, or as close as a teardrop running down your cheek.

The space between your ears, the space between your eyes… the space between the breaths you take and your sighs, the spaces of my beating heart… sounding like a distant tom tom, beckoning to you… come home, this is the way… follow me there.

We take up space, we all need space… if we don’t have it, we can’t grow… without room to grow, we would choke and die. Even Love must realize this, because with the best of intentions… we can smother those that we hold most dear.

Space gives us pause, we can set priorities… we can focus, do a little recap of what has transpired over a given course of time.

To boldly go… or to take caution and care, this voyage through space is a wondrous thing… I’m your Captain, I will not abandon ship.

I am reminded of the movie, “Contact” with Jodie Foster.  Her character was a scientist named Ellie Arroway.  Dr. Arroway was a realist and required evidence to guide her. There is one scene while Ellie is in space where she sees the glory of creation unfolding before her. She is awestruck, Ellie thought she understood space because of her background and education… but little did she actually know about all that surrounds us  …the mysteries of life.

“They should have sent a poet.” she cries, because of the complexity and harmony of the Almighty’s creation she beheld. “It’s all too beautiful.”

She learned faith that day… in that space. There are not always pat answers, sometimes… instead of baby steps, we need to take that leap.

May we all find faith, in ourselves and each other… and trust in our hearts.


Enjoy your space…

Kirk out.


3 Responses to “SPACE… the final front tear”

  1. 1poet4man Says:

    Are you on a roll or what? Nicely done…oh I could quibble, but why create that kind of space 🙂


  2. damewiggy Says:

    “required evidence to guide her”

    ouch, that bit me.

    sneaky lil words.

    excellent post, mister.

  3. Kapral Lot Says:

    “Space, final front Fear”.

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