– – – L & M – – –

A slow burn like a cigarette smouldering in some forgotten ashtray, the brand… L&M.  Lovers grapple in haste, too fierce to allow the fire to be stubbed out… the friction igniting, causing the smoke to billow above them.  Inhale, exhale…  Liggett and Myers… light and menthol… L&M

A comedy team, L&M… her laughter to his inside jokes, his grin to her contented sighs… one performing for the other.  each applauding one another… an audience of two meant for each other.  laughter and medicine…  Lewis and Martin… L&M.

The FM plays for L&M.  she hears old songs as if they are new, he plays her music and dedicates, too.  Discovery of emotions, timeless… yet a time for two, hopeless romantics like Lennon and McCartney… lyrics and music… L&M

Poetry read: to L from M, letters written daily to send… on their way with Dorianne Laux and David Meuel… intimate kisses for me from you… the bookstore beckons, who could refuse?  Laux and Meuel… language and meter…  L&M.

L&M… right smack dab in the middle of the alphabet, M leaves her cousin N and stands with L… just left of center.  That has always been L’s philosophy and politics, just left of center… not quite ordinary.  M assures him of his place in the world… by her side.  Leisurely… Methodically… lips and mouth… love and marriage…




5 Responses to “– – – L & M – – –”

  1. My Ghillie » - - - L & M - - - Says:

    […] Check it out! While looking through the blogosphere we stumbled on an interesting post today.Here’s a quick excerpt […]

  2. Chantal Says:

    Your mind is a diamond, my friend…. This is an incredible post. The only other way I could show you how amazing I think it is would be to fill the rest of this comment box with exclamation marks!!! I’m in awe…..

    (I hope M said yes….)

    Peace always, my friend

  3. damewiggy Says:

    this is so clever.

    well done, sir.

  4. 1poet4man Says:

    This is a piece of genius! Like Metaphor from L&M 2 Life and Magic…

    And putting Dorianne Laux in the piece was a Lasting Memory for me as I once interviewed her on the radio…and I thank you for that…

    Well Done.


  5. chrisfiore5 Says:

    hello guys, this one was fun for me… I’m not sure about the ‘genius’ poetman, but I appreciate your enthusiasm… glad we could stroll down memory lane with Dorianne Laux. A very sweet person introduced me to her work and I’m a changed man.


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