Goodbye! …it’s great to be back again

Ahh…. vacations! time away, time with family, time to think about what is happening in the world you left behind. How many times have I come back from vacation feeling refreshed and invigorated? This one was sooo different…

A new prospective? yes… recharged, renewed? yes… a totally new outlook on life? hmm… yes!

I would have to say that this past vacation was the best one EVER and I want to thank each and every one of you that helped to make it all possible… helped me with the cheap seats and I learned a valuable lesson from my sister, Kathy which can be summed up in two words… Air Tran. Didn’t choose that one, went with the airline that used to be ready when I are but they were not. But they got me there so my complaints are mute.

My hotel accommodations at the Iowa House Hotel were great… especially the free stationary and computer access. Sitting smack dab in the middle of the university campus in Iowa City, I was never too far from the future thinkers of America. Originally when I tried to book with them they said they had no vacancy but with a brain that is quick on it’s feet I managed to remind them that I am a VIP and they graciously chose not to press the issue.

The weather was good, not too hot, not too cold, a little rainy but who am I to complain? Vacations are all about getting away to a different locale and experiencing among other things, the weather. I admired the fact that the trees were hanging on to their chasteness for a little while longer before they dropped their leaves like a bath towel on the campus floor.

The friends, always good to be with friends. Laughing with friends, reminiscing, sharing jokes and tall tales. We are always the same and yet time makes us better whenever we hook up, like we are breathing in new versions of the same truth. You were here, I was there… then we did… I did not! yes, you did! You remember? Ofcourse I do! But you did, too! My friends, my best friend… the best of friends.

Family, so much family! a reunion with pictures and sideways glances… who are you? which one? where are you now? how have you been? where did you go? and did you know, did you know, did you know? So many faces from far away places just up the block, just down the road, across the state line, across the country. Family! we came from here! and pictures! who does he look like? pictures! gather around and smile! see how she has grown! Pictures! her mother? her brother? a sister, a cousin and aunts and uncles and grandmas and grandpas. Pictures of Family! we pose and smile… we came from here!

And food, so much food! feed an army! with potatoes and beans and salad with macaroni or rice and Jello and delicious cakes and pies and breads and bar-b-que. each a dish, all de-lish… we gave thanks for our food and commenced being happily  grouped with hearty appetites, modest tableware and eager anticipation. give us drink and we’ll be satisfied, give us food and we’ll be back. give us family and we’ll be fed.

My vacation, on the phone. far from home. all alone. except for a voice… a voice on vacation with me. there with me, here with me now. a voice I could not remember, a voice I cannot forget. “Hello? your name is on a bathroom wall down here at the pub. I should erase what it says about you, but first I must ask… is what they are saying true?” A crummy line on vacation at a time when you feel isolated, far from home in your own back yard… alone with family and friends surrounding you, an alien in a familiar place… a sigh from an unseen face on the other side of my vacation… away from home while still at home and wondering if I’ll get a way to the one on the other side, the side were I belong… my family.

Vacations, a time to reflect. Vacations… do not neglect. Take the time to re-inspect and learn where your place is. Family, friends… loved ones all. I salute you!

…and thank you for a wonderful time.



3 Responses to “Goodbye! …it’s great to be back again”

  1. Chantal Says:

    I read this and want to be there. You’ve woven your magic once again with heart and humour….thanks for sharing your vacation blessings.


  2. chrisfiore5 Says:

    you were there… fair Chantal.


  3. damewiggy Says:

    vacation, the word alone makes me weepy. neeed neeeeed.

    welcome back!

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