the other life I should have led

My Dad used to say, “Why wasn’t I born rich instead of so goddamn (!) good lookin’?” I doubt that saying was developed of his own originality but the point was, what might have happened if…?

I guess we all think that from time to time, what if I would have gone left instead of right? up instead of down? Democrat instead of Republican? Here are some of the things I would have had changed if I had had the power to do so.

1) I wouldn’t have been born rich. Living a life of entitlement is so foreign to my personality I can’t see myself living that way or wanting that for myself. Not to say I wouldn’t WANT to be rich, but I think I’d rather earn it than have it handed to me. I guess that is why I don’t play the lottery. Obviously the odds are against me but the desire to be rich is not that much of a driving force in my life. I would like it if I could have whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, as much as I wanted as often as I wanted it. But you see, the wants do not supersede my needs. When I have what I need, I am content. But the other life I should have led would have had me having access to more choices and the financial independence to see those realized.

2) To be better looking is always a desire of humans, ever since Eve put rouge on to entice Adam. It has been well documented that attractive people seem to get preferential treatment over the homely ones but then again, I have seen some beautiful people act like complete assholes. In my mind a modest person is more attractive than one that is haughty and one that takes pride in their appearance outshines the slovenly dressed, in-your-face opposites. In the other life I should have led I wouldn’t let my sensibilities be overrun and blinded by features that hide the personality underneath.

3) In the other life I should have led I would have learned to play a musical instrument. I think I would have been a grand piano player, or perhaps a grand guitar player. I don’t mean a casual musician, I could still do that. I would have become a virtuoso and/or a composer. To have soothed the savage beast I would have certainly found the lost chord. Gabriel would have silenced his horn in wonderment when I started playing and the angels would have laid down their harps.

4) I would have been wiser, too. I would have listened to my parents advice and learned from their mistakes. I would have spent more time with my grandparents and wanted to know more about their history, their hopes and dreams. In the other life I should have led gray headiness would have been something I admired.

5) In the other life I should have led I would have been captain of the football team. My leadership abilities would have been so apparent that there wouldn’t have been any doubt. Young girls would have hung on my every word and dreamed of seeing me at the high school dance.  Our school cheerleaders would have spelled my name on the field bfore the big homecoming game.   Oh, and I would have been more athletic, too.

6) I imagine I would have been a genius. Or at least very smart. I don’t know if I would have been a mathematical progeny like in Goodwill Hunting but just once I would have liked to have won the spelling bee. In the other life I should have led teachers would have seen the potential in me early on and made sure sat at the front of the class.

7) In the other life I should have led I might have been a politician… but I’d like to think I would have been a good one. I’d have an open door policy, in fact… I’d have the door removed from it’s hinges so I could never go back on my resolve to be a man of the people and always accessable to their needs. I imagine I would have been like Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

8) And while we are on the subject, when it came to dealing with my kids in the other life I should have led I would have been more like Jimmy Stewart in It’s a Wonderful Life. I would have never been too tired to play ball or go out for ice cream. I would have understood the problems they had growing up weren’t like the problems I had while growing up because they were under different circumstances and different personalities.

9) I might have been a cowboy in the other life I should have led, or maybe a detective. I wouldn’t have wanted to kill anybody but I wouldn’t mind having to rough them up a little bit just to show them who was boss. I don’t know if I would have wanted to be a war hero, but I would have liked to have done something to benefit the folks back home. Maybe catch an exotic spy named Chantal or something like that, perhaps prevent a war from starting. It would have been cool to have discovered a short cut or a cure or a language that all could understand to see the folly of taking up arms. Be like Ronald Coleman in Lost Horizon or Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca, except I wouldn’t have had to kill anybody. (But I would have if it meant my life… no sense in dying if I didn’t have to and I would have been darn sure that there was no other way around it, a case of him or me… or if I had to protect someone else, like Ingrid Bergman.)

10) In the other life I should have led I might have given a little more thought to the Creator of the heavens and earth. It isn’t because I don’t believe in God or the Bible, but I wouldn’t have relied on others in as much as to of put my faith in them or their interpetations of what God is or will be. I am sure I would have wanted to be more godly in all respects, wanting to understand “kay sarah sarah” and “what will be will be.” I think I would have been able to talk to God and listen to the casual reply or see him walking barefoot by a stream and possibly run alongside, content to put my complete faith in Him and His purpose for the Earth.

Oh, I imagine I could come up with dozens more, but even under the best of circumstances each of us could. To live healthier, or longer, happier, wiser or more lovingly seems to be on all of our minds at one time or another. I guess the secret is not what we could have done, but what we would do now… don’t you think?

If not in this life or the other life I should have led, perhaps I’ll realize the extent of my dreams in the next one… maybe you will, too.

Here’s hoping…



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5 Responses to “the other life I should have led”

  1. Guitar Blog Feeds » Blog Archive » the other life I should have led Says:

    […] You can read the rest of this blog post by going to the original source, here […]

  2. msdane Says:

    I know many things I would have done differently–hindsight is 20-20.

    Besides, you had enough girls after you in high school, how many more did you need?

    BTW, you didn’t answer my email.

  3. damewiggy Says:

    but if you lived a different life, who would have lived yours?

  4. bs angel Says:

    You sure are busy in your other life! Very interesting, …

    I tend to not deal with “what ifs”. I would rather deal with what I have been given and go from there. If I had to choose though, I like your #3 and #4. I would love to be amazing at a musical instrument. Instead, I will have to settle for Guitar Hero.

    (You had to know I was going to go there!)

  5. seamonster02 Says:

    Life is too short for the “would of” “could of” and “should of”. I believe you hit the nail on the head with the sentence “I guess the secret is not what we could have done, but what we would do now… don’t you think?” because that is exactly what I do think. We can spend all our lives looking at the past but what do we gain? Embracing today is so much more rewarding! 🙂

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