goodbye freebee T.V.

For those of you who haven’t heard, February 17th, 2009 signals the end of an era.  Analog broadcasting will cease to exist for millions of television sets across America when the format is changed to digital.  What this means is if you can’t get cable or satellite, you will be SOL.  They say that there will be converters available for those of us who have the old sets, but the days of “free” T.V. are rapidly coming to a close.

From what I’ve read, this will be a boon to the digitalized broadcast world and the federal government.  For the cable and satellite providers this will mean more revenue because millions of people will be forced to eventually chose one source or the other.  Eventually those old analog sets will cease to function and digital reception will be the only way to receive programming.  Those analog waves we have depended on for so many years are being sold for billions of dollars to other markets, courtesy of Uncle Sam.

So, of course I was inspired to write the lyrics below.  For those of you who can’t catch the rift, I have provided a youtube version following this post.

 Eventually “free” T.V. will be gone, so does that mean we’ll have less commercials since “everybody” pays? 

What do you think?



Goodbye Freebee T.V.


Who could ever say where it came from?

Analog don’t matter once it’s gone.

Rabbit ears turned right

change the dark to bright

they wear green clothes

reception comes and goes.


Goodbye freebee T.V.

who could hang the blame on you?

when you change with every new wave

still I’m gonna miss you.


Don’t question why it is no longer free

programs will be broadcast digitally

technology must be changed

some find that nothings gained

but somethings lost

who’ll foot the cost?


Goodbye freebee T.V.

who could hang the blame on you?

when you change with every new wave

still I’m gonna miss you.


There’s no time for news or GMA,

catch Oprah before she slips away.

Tryin’ all the time

lose analog beams

and you will lose your mind.

Ain’t life unkind?


Goodbye freebee T.V.

who could hang the blame on you?

when you change with every new wave

still I’m gonna miss you.


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7 Responses to “goodbye freebee T.V.”

  1. babychaos Says:

    Nice one. They’re doing it here, too. It sucks and interestingly, even though we now have the 68 station digital package, there are still only four stations worth watching.



  2. damewiggy Says:

    “catch Oprah before she slips away”

    too funny.

  3. seamonster02 Says:

    I’ve been tempted many times to get rid of cable tv and just buy movies. Everything comes out on dvd these days – even the tv series so if I miss Closer all season, I can buy it and watch it commercial free. Could buy a subscription to the newspaper to keep up on news (though ours are sometimes three or four days behind whatever the Ch7 news team brings us daily). There is always internet news if you have dsl through your phone company. 🙂

    No more weather channel – guess I’d have to stick my head outside to see what the day was like.

  4. 1poet4man Says:

    Even though I haven’t watched T.V. for almost 2 decades I am gonna miss free T.V.

    Now what will I do in my spare time…


  5. chrisfiore5 Says:

    you know… I’m not a real T.V. guy either, except for football or a movie once in a while.

    if not for syndication I would have never seen Seinfeld, and then I could see it twice a day every day of the week, so who needs to be tied to the set on any given night?

    and like seamonster says, now you can buy the shows without commercials…

    but it was kinda nice knowing that some things were still free.


  6. free volition Says:

    I had the same impulse as seamonster several years ago, but acted on it. I got tired of being yanked around by the ‘omnipotent’ satellite service, called them and told them to shut ‘er down; cancel my subscription. Hubby went through withdrawal symptoms for about six months, but eventually recovered and discovered READING again! Yes, we still have a television in the living room. We use it to watch VHS and DVD’s. We keep up on news, current events and weather on the internet.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    free car quote

    Excellent post. Keep it up!

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