Thank you…

September 2007.  a date that will live in… well, the past actually because as of this post the stats are in and the month is over.  It has been the sixth consecutive month of increased viewers for Advantages of Mutual Respect and Fair Play.  Which is real cool.  

As any writer will tell ya, it is the readers and their enthusiastic response that makes it all worth while, and I am no exception.  For the first 6 months I logged about 500 hits and wondered if there was an audience for me.  (family, friends, my best friend, self promotion and  hits from various libraries and work by yours truly (did I really do that?) to bolster my feeble stats not withstanding)  After making a few ajustments, January blossomed and AMRFP has rolled ever since. 

It is sort of narcissistic to be so concerned over ones own popularitiy and I will take the flack for that.  But like I said in one of my recent posts (Yikes! discomblogulation) why does the blogger blog?  Most of us make our money by other means and get no recognition other than that little stat counter or by the comments you, the reader, submits.  We don’t slay dragons or topple dictatorships, we haven’t solved world hunger or cured cancer.  Bloggers for the most part are loners, we rant and rave, venting our frustrations to a computer monitor.

We are like the voice crying out in the wilderness, if no one hears us… our words are in vain.  If no one responds to us, our influence is minute.  And if the world turns on uneffected, our efforts will simply die out.  Not that much has changed in the past 18 months (except in my personal life) but then, Rome wasn’t built in a day.  When a person starts out with an idea, it is a solitary effort.  When others join in, it becomes a collective… a cyberblog Borg.

Your responses have made me want to try harder.  I know some posts aren’t as earth shaking as others… but I’m working on it.  Some have complained of the content in certain posts and I have left those complaints in because they make me want to do better.  I will never intentionally mislead anyone.  I may have an opinion and be the only one that shares that opinion, but I will take responsibility for it and fully respect your right to oppose that view.  That is the advantage of mutual respect and fair play, we can bask in our differences and still be friends… (or at least, be civil towards one another) and perhaps get a good chuckle or two.

Anyway, this is getting rather long and sloppy with sentiment but the bottom line is, I wouldn’t continue doing this if not for you guys…

So from the bottom of my heart (where exactly is the bottom? isn’t that down around the  intestines? and where does that saying come from?) from the very depths, from the bowels of my very being…

Thank you.

and sincerely… peace.

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12 Responses to “Thank you…”

  1. The Gorilla Guys Says:

    kudos boss,

    well deserved.

  2. madmouser Says:

    Gorilla Guys are hot! If they say OK, then you are in. I have read your posts and I am OK with it too, not that my approval means much, I’m just a little mouse. Hey, I got a new header for my blog and it is too cool. Check it out when you can, and above all, keep typing away on your blog. I’ll look for your new stuff soon.
    Be well,

  3. 1poet4man Says:

    You are Cool Dude…But you knew that already…

  4. karen62979 Says:

    Keep on typing!

  5. damewiggy Says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, spreading your peace, and gently telling it like it is.

    It’s always been a pleasure, my friend.

  6. toejam Says:

    i’v always thought you were the best of the best bro,
    keep going and going and going.
    as i said — you do inspire me.
    i am truly lucky

  7. toejam Says:

    i just wanted to also add that from sand road to today, the miles & miles, the many years, the ups & downs. and for me, the many memores.
    the hall mall, the dead wood, the bullys, the kool people, the walks and talks, the music, the treasure house, your family – that was so much more to me than my family,all the things we have shared and so much more.
    i could go on and on. but not enuf time or words.
    the day we met was the day my life turned for the better.
    this is why you give me inspiration and that is why i am truly lucky.

    peace to you my friend

  8. seamonster02 Says:

    I really can’t improve on any of the above. Will we see a “Best of Blogging” book someday? You’ve written enough posts to fill three books at least. 🙂

  9. Chantal Says:

    I’m thinkin’ it’s me that should be thanking you. It’s nice to read how you affect & inspire other people. Me included. Reading your thoughts makes me want to become better at writing, better at living. Merci 🙂

    Peace & smiles,

  10. babychaos Says:

    Any time! I enjoy your stuff. 🙂



  11. free volition Says:

    What can I say other than “You’re most welcome!”
    And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. 😉

  12. Electric cigarette Says:

    Thank you a lot for this! I havent been this thrilled by a blog for a Prolonged time! Youve got it, what ever that indicates in blogging. HaHa. Youre certainly a person that has one thing to say that individuals require to hear. Maintain up the fantastic do the job. Keep on inspiring the people!

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