live and let liv tyler

You know, this live and let live thing has gotten out of control.  We have let too many live, pure and simple.  When we say “live and let live” is that giving license to “anything goes?”  I wonder…

Our society has gotten so liberal that we have given sway to just about every crazy notion that has come down the pike.  Because of that we have a bumper crop of individuals who think they have a right to something just because they have dreamed it up. 

Take for example the right to be dumb.  Dumb has become the new right in America.  People haven’t got the sense to get out of the rain and that is their right.  “Hey world!  I’m going to stand out here in the middle of the pourin’ rain and there ain’t nuthin’ you can do about it!”  Then what happens?  We get all these right to be dumb people sufferin’ from pneumonia.  They start wringing their hands and demanding to be cared for because it was their God given right to be dumb and the rest of us can do nothing about it because we live in a right to be dumb society.  Now we have to put up with the consequences of a few come what may.  And invariably the people that DO recognize the folly in standing out in the pouring rain and refrain from exercising their right to do so end up footing the bill for those who don’t and do.  Now I ask you… is that fair?

I think for every push there is a pull, for every up there is a down, every ying has it’s yang, for every popular song there is a b-side, for every good movie there is a written clause for a sequel. When we become the “great equalizing” force of the world, there are bound to be some things thrown in for good measure that, quite frankly, don’t measure up.

100 people are in a theatre, each person paid admission and has equal access to seating on a first come, first served basis.  99 came to enjoy the show, one person wants to exercise his right to cry fire in the middle of the second act.  99 people may support the right to cry fire in a crowded theatre, but the exercising of that right at an inconvenient time might cause them to rethink their priorities.  The right to do something is not necessarily the right thing to do.  We need to acknowledge this plain and simple fact.

When I was young I was deprived of a certain candy.  I remember my mom used to buy these putrid orange flavored candy slices.  If we wanted something sweet we had to choke a few down and pretend that they were our flavor of choice.  Or she would buy some sweet chocolate pinwheel candies that would last from Easter clear through Halloween (because nobody liked them except her.)  I would begrudgingly let one melt on my tongue out of sheer desperation for “real” candy.  I used to tell myself when I got older I would buy all the candy I desired and eat it whenever I wanted.  Of course, now I can do this… I have the right to do so, but the flip side might be rotten teeth, pimples and a colossal tummy ache.  Not to mention bad health, short attention span and an eventual distain for $100,000 candy bars and Kit Kats.  In other words, I know the foolishness of catering my every whim.

Some have bobbed for too many apples, porked out on an excessive amount of chocolate covered raisins or raided the cookie jar once too often and sent it spiraling to the floor to meet an untimely dismantling only to discover that there are some things left better out of reach. 

When we cater to every whim and notion as a right without giving full thought to accountability, we are like children with our hands caught in the cookie jar.  Then we reason that the temptation was more than we could resist and instead of facing the reality of our misguided choices we be-cry the calorific content and demand a lighter fare.  Our right for freedom of choice has with it a certain syllogism.

I remember the movie, That Thing You Do! where Liv Tyler told this dude, “Shame on me for wasting my kisses on you!” and I think there is a good analogy here for us.  A thing we want to do may feel good, right and free of guilt at the time but is it the right thing to do?  Should it be done just because it can be? 

Shame on us if there is no bridle, handle, lock or barrier that says, “This is ouside the realm of our care, custody and control.  This goes beyond all human decency.”



11 Responses to “live and let liv tyler”

  1. damewiggy Says:

    delayed gratification — one of my favorite concepts

    it should be law, i tell ya.

    good post, mister.

  2. 1poet4man Says:

    Rights – they have become an enshrined institution – “Rights” as a concept seem like they have been around forever, but they haven’t….

    The right to “RIGHTS” is rather new, maybe a hundred years or so old.

    Access to “rights” today has produced a lot of problems – separated individuals and societal “sub groups” from the “mainstream”…But imagine this world of corporatization and globalization without an exertion by individuals and groups of individuals towards these so called “rights”

    I think without an access to “rights” we would be looking at a new epoch of slavery.

    Great post, nice use of analogy…thought provoking.

    Next aim your pen at the word “Needs”.


  3. chrisfiore5 Says:

    You are correct…

    rights of individuals has made much needed progress in the last century, but it has been a rather broad canvas, don’t you think?

    some might feel it is their “right” to make bombs or view child porn, but is it right?

    I think our society lacks a moral compass when it comes to demanding and granting some of those rights we hold dear.

    that all men are created equal, same pay regardless of gender, equal access under the law… rights like these should be universal…

    the right to cause harm, to be malicious for the sake of notoriety or perversion, an inbreeding of social dessension without a clear and sound alternative is not what our founding fathers had in mind.

    I’m working on “Needs,” thanks for the directive…


  4. 1poet4man Says:

    “You are correct…”

    Maybe a little…

    “much needed progress”

    Here is another word for you to aim your pen at (progress), this word and the way we use it, is full of assumptions – our ideas about this word are also fairly new…

    “but it has been a rather broad canvas, don’t you think?”

    Tis a broad canvas – with emotional colors and “individuals” using and being used as brushes…

    “some might feel it is their “right” to make bombs or view child porn, but is it right?”

    Some do…but not I…

    “moral compass”

    Slippery slope # 1. It is almost impossible to get everyone to agree on just where true north might be.

    “all men are created equal”

    Slippery slope #2

    There is no true equality – there is only interdependent complimentarity…

    “equal access under the law”

    I wish this could be possible…

    “rights like these should be universal…”

    Slippery slope #3

    “Universal” another word to train your pen on…

    “the right to cause harm, to be malicious for the sake of notoriety or perversion, an inbreeding of social dissension without a clear and sound alternative is not what our founding fathers had in mind.”

    Our founding “Fathers” had no idea how their goals, beliefs, and idealisms would play out in the world of their time – never mind how they are being played out in our time…

    By the way, I ski on your slippery slopes all the time. Thinkers are all downhill racers and then uphill climbers…


  5. chrisfiore5 Says:

    well… call out the St. Bernards because I am always on the edge.


  6. S Says:

    Dear Sir, : )
    What seems dumb to one may be the one thing that keeps people grounded. To me playing in the rain is one of most relaxing things i can do. No matter how bad of a day i have the sound of rain drops and flickers of lightning can turn everything around, as soon as it starts i count the minutes until i can go outside and walk slowly to my car, or find a reason to go outside and “check on the plants”. Due to being over the age of 10 its not socially acepted and one is considered dumb to go jump in puddles and or as i did as a child put on a swimsuit and go run. When really i know excatly what i am doing and have a good reason behind it.
    Not to say that they’re arent the dumb people out there, i could give you at least 10 examples a day. But it comes down to what each person percieves as dumb. To me the B-side may just be the reason i bought the album, and the popular song doesnt matter.
    I will admit that That thing you do is a great movie and that line is very meaningful, but really if you live your life one-dering weather or not every choice is going to be the right one in 10 years, 10 months or even 10 minutes. No one would ever do anything. In the end we would just end up with more dumb people, wondering if they should go inside because its raining, or if they should post there feelings in a blog, because in 10 minutes everything could change and you might just regret it.

  7. chrisfiore5 Says:

    oh S, 😉

    I would be lying if I said I have never gone out in the rain, danced, played or simply walked with someone I cared about while being bathed in liquid sunshine…

    my post was meant to convey the thought that we suffer at the expense of others stupidity under the guise of human rights. Whether that be standing out in the rain or playing in traffic, a person should be willing to accept the consequences of their actions. The right to be dumb was just an example of the many things that we becry as a “right,” sometimes with disasterous results. Those of us who recognize the foolishness of someone else’s action and refrain from the partaking thereof are left to sort matters out; usually at great financial, emotional, and spiritual costs.

    I do believe in spontaneity, but I also feel that with freedom comes responsibility. Thinking before acting is a good thing, suffering because of a bad decision can last a lifetime.


  8. S Says:

    So i thought about this my entire drive home (about 45 minutes) and i dont know if i believe in stupidity. I tried to come up with 10 examples in my head and couldnt come up with a single one. The more i thought about each one it came down to being naive, or just lack of respect.
    Your example of the rain with the pneumonia to fallow, it is common knowledge that rain/cold usually results in sickness, and then to go in and expect someone else to take care of you. Its just disrespectful, not owning up to your actions.
    As this is going though my head i pull up behind a car going 55 on the interstate, which is 70mph. So i do as i usually do and get annoyed thinking ” stupid driver needs go faster! Its the interstate!” In this its two examples of disrespect. This driver not in to the slower lane, as a curtesy to other drivers, and me for pulling up to close behind not taking in to account the numerous reason they may be going slow. If i had got in an accident i still would of thought “dumb driver was going to slow then BRAKED!” while the cop or other driver would be looking at me thinking “stupid driver didnt stay far enough behind”
    There are very few things that i can come up with that i believe really is just everyday stupidity, like the girl that goes back to the man in her life that beats her, or the parent that leaves there child with someone they know is bad for them.
    Its going to make me think hard before i use the words dumb or stupid. Because really i feel it comes down to lack of mutual respect, that leads someone to get the tag of dumb, in such a common situation.
    You got me thinking….and on a friday afternoon that takes lot 🙂

  9. blue_calumet_satyr Says:

    S – I find it interesting that you don’t believe in stupidity.

    I suppose in that, you’ve proved the point Chris was making.

    We all have rights. Freedoms. It makes us individuals, but, not necessarily human.

    You can say you don’t believe in stupidity, just as I may say I don’t believe in right or wrong. Thinking makes it so but, doesn’t make it true.

    Chris, good fodder.

  10. blue_calumet_satyr Says:

    Dr. Martin Luther King said:

    Nothing is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

    But, poetman might say that is just the good doctor going off the handle. 😉

  11. 1poet4man Says:

    I would…mmmm…pardon me I am thinking…mmm…no Blue – I agree with the good Dr.


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