learn to avoid Internet scams! send ten dollars to…

Get rich quick schemes, ya gotta love ’em.  I mean, getting rich quick is the best way to get wealthy, right?  Who wants to work, scrimp, save, invest and wait… wait and… wait?  We want those riches NOW! before we are too old to enjoy them.  Ofcourse, I’ve never heard ANYBODY complain that they were too old to enjoy their money.

I remember reading the Rolling Stone when it was an underground effort and way in the back pages were the want ads.  People advertised guitars, drums sets, tie-dyed t-shirts, hash pipes and auditions for rock and roll bands.  One person ruefully lamented, “If everyone would just send one dollar we could start our commune.”  I thought that was a unique concept.  Who couldn’t afford a dollar?

Ever since reading that little ad I have wondered about all those marketing ploys and pyramid efforts.  Who had the kahuanas to dream those up, anyway?  They had to know there were enough “marks” out there that would gobble up the notion of getting rich quick hook, line and sinker without giving a thought to who might be harmed.  Imagine bilking someone out of their life savings because you had appealed to their own greed?  Would that make you a bad guy?  Not hardly, thinks the guilty person… you can’t put one over someone that is honest.  The “mark” gets what he deserves if he “buys” into the scam. 

Of course, the culprits that start the ball rolling are the ones that make out in the long run.  They are at the top of the money mountain that keeps getting pushed up higher by the fledglings underneath who dream of life on easy street and are swept away by the intoxicating allure of wealth.

It is called a Ponzi, named after an illegal Italian immigrant who lived the American Scheme.  Promising great returns to investors, people flocked to him and eventually invested millions of dollars.  Back in the 1920’s, a million was a lot of dough.  He paid off the early birds with the ever increasing revenue of the also rans.  Even after he was caught, people refused to believe that their judgement and faith in him was not sound.

Today’s economy troubles lend credence to get rich quick enterprises and put hope into the hearts of unwary people in search of relief.  Beware!  unscrupulous people seek to pry those hard earned dollars from an unsuspecting public, if it sounds too good to be true… it probably is.

So now that being said,  in a continuing effort to educate the public, you too, can learn to avoid Internet scams.  Just send ten dollars…

and welcome to the camp!



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3 Responses to “learn to avoid Internet scams! send ten dollars to…”

  1. tegraham Says:

    Thanks for stopping by and the kind words! 🙂

  2. lrhyip Says:

    A nice article about PONZI and HYIPs

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