pass it on…

We pass things on to friends and family, sometimes we aren’t even aware of the influences we are having on an individual until some time later.  For example: tastes in music.  I was influenced by my mother and sister, Cyndi, with two distinct tastes.  My mother loved country and western music, my sister took to rock and roll.  Now that blend influences my tastes years later to where I appreciate both on their own merits.

Some people are born into a Republican household and carry those ideals while others form Democratic alliances because of how they are raised.  With religion, too, most people are born into a faith, raised in that faith and embrace it as their own without much thought or exposure to any other beliefs.  Gimme that old time religion, it’s good enough for me… etc.

I like to think we can influence others to do good whether they really want to or not.  It is called, “by example” and it is probably the easiest way to get someone to do what you want them to do.  It is hard to say, “don’t smoke, drink or do drugs” if we ourselves are doing them.  That is hypocritical, and people see right through it. 

Imperfections aside, there are some things we do willingly that we know we shouldn’t and usually end up paying the price for by it’s consequences.  How much better it would be if we could think things through, or learn from others mistakes… but we can’t somehow.  It is human nature to think that what ever hard times fell on our predecessors in such and such a predicament will be avoided by us because we have our eyes open.

You may not know it but people will scoff at the good intentions of this post.  There will be those that feel it is all bunk, malarkey, foolish, or naive thinking.  But I’d like to believe that there is good in ALL people.  Most are  just lacking in guidance, looking for a good way to express themselves. 

Knowing that, in God’s eyes we are all #1, some look to that universal sign that is understood in every language… bless their little hearts. 

(see the photo below)




6 Responses to “pass it on…”

  1. msdane Says:

    What a lovely family picture! Just makes you want to rush out and find that woman and shake her hand, doesn’t it? NOT! She probably thought it was a great joke, but still . . .

    And by the way, I still have a rock’n’roll soul.

    Love ya.

  2. damewiggy Says:

    I dig the tone of the post, scub naysayers.

    And the picture’s classic.

    good stuff.

  3. marge Says:

    I agree one hundred percent, everyone has a good side, however it can be knocked down, or kicked out of a person depending on who raised them and what they were taught or not taught as a child.
    The picture is awful!!!
    And someone should smack that woman for teaching her young girls something so vulgar

  4. The Gorilla Guys Says:

    some of the best stuff on WP, my man.

  5. Chantal Says:

    Your post was great, thoughtful…..we have to take people from where they’re coming from and extend a little bit of understanding. That can go a long way in the positive impact we can have on others. The picture added more credibility to what you’re saying (because what you’re saying is already very credible) about there being good in all people, that some lack guidance, maybe lost their sense of direction….as awful as it is to see children flip the bird (and you can tell that this isn’t the first time they grace someone with their gesture), and having the adult condone the behaviour, our reactions to others play a big role in how things move along in this world. How we “pass it on” has as much power as what we pass on….

  6. msdane Says:

    I just noticed–the little one on the far right is holding up her index finger, not her middle finger! Ah, the innocence of little ones.

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