Live To Be 100 (or die tryin’)

Our own mortality…

Hard to imagine life without us, isn’t it? But we know life will go on…

Sometimes I think this blog has taken on a life of it’s own. Just when something I’ve written months and months ago fades from consciousness it is resurrected because someone out there in cyberspace comments on it. I find myself going back to such and such a period, then trying to scrutinize my motive or mood for writing such a piece in the first place. I might have changed my mind on a few things so I wanted to check and see if the views expressed were still current.

Like the one I wrote called “Six Pack Abs” I originally posted that one on June 8th, 2006. It recently garnished a comment so I scrolled back, re-read it and decided that I was dead on with that one… Halle Berry is still a hottie. So, feeling pretty good about myself I scrolled back on some others.

“Birthdays” was posted the day after mine and got multitudes of hits, probably the most of any entry. But recently I got a comment submitted and when I went back to read it I noticed it was a porn site link. Naturally I had to investigate and then I found that the last six or seven comments were actually links to that same site! Talk about a belated gift…

“Black and White” was originally posted on February 24th and probably garnished the most hostile reaction to date. I don’t know if it is because February is the month of Valentines and Love or because it is the shortest month of the year. People got the impression I was experiencing homophobia because I mentioned “Brokeback Mountain” and gay westerns in a negative light, which wasn’t my original intention. I was lamenting the westerns of old, they just don’t make ’em like that anymore. I recently saw the remake of 3:10 to Yuma and I can’t imagine those cowboys being gay but maybe it is just me. Perhaps there were some lonely nights out there on the prairie that we weren’t privy to…

Oh, there are others, too and it really is kinda cool… it’s like the blog doesn’t need you anymore, it has grown up and moved on. Now I worry if AMRFP is hanging out with the wrong crowd, taking up smoking and using profanity… you know, all those things we did when we were kids.

So anyway, my point is that what we say out there in the blogosphere lingers on… we are living apart from ourselves. The Internet has opened up the way to immortality. It is this new religion I was talking about the other day, Holy Society of Holistic Internet Terminals, affectionately known as Holy S.H.I.T. (see: Yikes! discomblogulation (posted a mere 10 days ago)) It is easy to become a member… all you have to do to join is start singing a bar of Alice’s Restaurant the next time it comes around on the guitar… with feeling.

Our spirit lives on via the Web, once we post we really don’t have to do anything more… it is out there 24/7. (I hate that expression, I should delete it… I think I will. )

We should all live to be a hundred or die trying in this modern day and time, imagine the possibilities. Live like you weren’t dyin’ (for awhile).

C’mon, try it… it won’t kill ya.



5 Responses to “Live To Be 100 (or die tryin’)”

  1. karen62979 Says:

    Can the live like you aren’t dying thought be held for a couple of days? Weather change is making me wish it would kill me, but I know it won’t. Like a lot of other things, this too shall pass. I’ll hold the thought.

  2. seamonster02 Says:

    it is 1:30 am – I don’t have a snappy thought for this post but wanted you to know I visited. Kind of cool – it is like leaving a message on someone’s door “Dropped by, you weren’t home, catch you next time.”

  3. Chantal Says:

    Very cool….I like the reverse spin of live like you aren’t dying.
    Peace & smiles

  4. damewiggy Says:

    it is funny to see a comment come in on an old post that takes ya back..

    my son asked me if he could have my blog when i die

    ‘course i said, you wanna be damewigginsoflee? is there something you’re trying to tell me, son?

    but imagine if people passed blogs off to others, how odd would that be?

  5. chrisfiore5 Says:

    kinda like the memories of dead loved ones…

    as long as we keep thinking of them they haven’t completely left us.


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