Yikes! discomblogulation…

Oh crap! nothing profound to write about today.  I don’t know if the world can handle it.  It distresses the inventive genius in me when my thoughts grow stagnant and the creative juices ebb to the flow of sap on a maple tree.  (hey, that rhymed!  I may be on to something here!)

You know, we bloggers (for the most part) are communicators, we love to write and convey information.  It may be second hand or come from left field but it is the collecting and summarization that we love.  Those brain synapses start to snapping and  tie-dielectric energy commences to leap frogging from terminal to depot and before you know it… an idea!  Then we spring into action… or fall into a abyss of inactivity for lack of inspiration.

What is it that compels the blogger to blog?  Why do we allow ourselves to be placed in that category or box, as it were?  Most of us have lives outside the box with meaningful work that pays us money.  Is it akin to our perception of our own self worth as human beans and wieners?  In the smorgasbord of aspiring and accomplished writers are we mere garnish… or worse yet, waxed fruit?  I wonder…

I sometimes soar the realm of cyberspace searching for like minded souls as myself and enjoy the bond of pure, unadulterated meditations.  I read that they are looking to invent a new Internet; a better, less complicated technology to work alongside the existing one… on a parallel band and with a higher level to prevent hackers and spam.  (another rhyme, it boggles the mind)

 It is thought that the service we enjoy now will eventually fade as the new one promotes simpler, safer navigation.  You know what I think it is?  They can’t stand our freedom, our ability to comunicate and share ideas.  It is the full blown alliance of purpose and conjecture that cements the basic humanity in all of us to come to the self realization that… we are not alone. 

Yep, it has become a religion… the Holy Society of Holistic Internet Terminals or better know by it’s acronym: Holy S.H.I.T. 

This little box… this monitor and keyboard, this window into the world that when opened allows the crisp, clear breezes of collective thought!  we are one… we are strong and invincible, we are the world.  They’ve opened Pandora’s box and we’ve blown off the lid!

Bloggers are freedom fighters, bloggers are the voice crying out in the wilderness, bloggers form the last line of defense against a monopolizing, capitalistic hierarchy that wants to reshape our thinking and dumb down our consciousness with manipulative propaganda to sap us of our strengths, morals and individuality. 

…or it could be that football season has started and I can’t be bothered with this sort of thing right now, sorry.



8 Responses to “Yikes! discomblogulation…”

  1. chirchi965 Says:

    LOL!!!! Anti-climax.


  2. seamonster02 Says:

    FOOTBALL!!!! Gotta love it. The whole world can be in utter chaos but watch some football and it all goes away. Football is organized and tidy – move the ball in ten yard increments and make it to the uprights…so methodical it becomes a levy against the impending storm of reality. Just be glad it isn’t a levy the government has made…

  3. Holy Society of Holistic Internet Terminals « Auntie Carrie’s Speak Easy Says:

    […] reading this specific post related to the Holy Society etc, check out his “About Us” page. I am pretty certain that Keith Ferrazzi would be […]

  4. dezeba Says:

    Well if you think about Occam’s razor… it’s probably the football, yeah.
    Thanks for checking me out!

  5. Chantal Says:

    Hey there….This was a great post! It’s the first one I read on your very cool site, and I’ll be back for more…..thanks for visiting my blog today.


  6. anna Says:

    thanks a lot 😀

  7. Selene Says:

    Dear Chris~

    Your blog is delightful! I found this post laugh-out-loud funny, and I know I will surf back for more.

    Thanks for your comment on my latest post. See you around the cyberry bush.

    ~Warmth and Blessings,

  8. chrisfiore5 Says:

    IOWA 35, Syracuse 0

    woo hoo!

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