new socks… same ol’ jaw

My socks are probably the worst casualty of my wardrobe.   I wear them mismatched, I wear them holy, I wear them without shoes… I just plain wear them out.  So last Thursday I bought a bundle of new socks at Sears just to help replenish my supply.  At my house socks don’t get thrown out, they just quietly fade away… (or get eaten by the sock monster)

 Anyway, I got to thinking about a conversation I had once about new socks.  We were talking about the experiencing of new things and somehow we got to talking about wearing new socks.

 “I’d like to have a new pair of socks for every day of the year!”  my friend states.

I thought that an odd request but I bit on it.  “Why?” I asked, knowing that we were headed for one of those cerebral conversations that I would one day reflect back on with wonder… (what the heck were we talkin’ about?)

“That way I could know the feeling of wearing a new pair of socks every day for a full year!”

I pondered that briefly.  (You know I had to have a rebuttal, don’t you?)

“Yeah, but after a while it would get to feeling old.”

“How could it?” my friend retorts, “They would always be new socks.  Every day a new pair of socks!”

“Yeah, but after a while they would feel the same.”

“You know the way a new pair of socks feel the first time you put them on before washing them?  That’s what I mean… every single day of the year a new pair of socks.  You’d have the feeling of wearing a new pair of socks each time you put on a pair.”

“Yeah, I get it… but I’m saying it would start to feel old after a while because it is the same feeling over and over again.  You’d get used to it.”

“That’s the feeling I’m talking about, wearing new socks every day.  How could new socks not feel like new socks?”

“BECAUSE THEY WOULD START TO FEEL OLD!  You’d get used to the feeling each time you put them on.  After a while the feeling of a new pair of socks would get old because it no longer feels different!  Every day, day in and day out… a new pair of socks.  Your feet would become accustomed to wearing them, there would be nothing new about them.  It would be like driving  the same new car every day, it would be a new car but it would be the same make, year and model as the day before and it will be the same make, year and model tomorrow and the next day and the next… eventually it would feel the same.”

“But it’s still a new car…”

“Yes.”  I’m exasperated by now.  “You’re right, it’d still be a new car…”

“And it’s always going to feel like a new car…”

“Yes… it would always feel like the same new car… not a different feeling but the same feeling of a new car every day of the year.”

“That’s my point… that’s the feeling I’d like to have every day for a year with wearing a new pair of socks.”


Sometimes I think I get the heel in before the toes…



9 Responses to “new socks… same ol’ jaw”

  1. writesome Says:

    If every pair of new socks were somehow different, would it still feel the same? I can’t stand nylon socks, the ones that refuse to attach themselves and snag on your nails when you bend your piggies. It’s cotton all the way for me…

  2. gracenoel Says:

    Thanks for stoppin’ by, it’s nice to know someone random out there may be interested in what I’m saying. I get your point about the socks. 🙂

  3. toejam Says:

    Is that the best you can do today?
    I read your blog every day – sometimes 3 times a day. But at least every day.
    You never fail to amaze me,– really you don’t. Socks!!!!!!!!?????
    Let’s move up.
    Lets talk about underware. OK?
    Up until last year I have never wore anything but briefs.
    I now ware nothing but boxers. Can’t really explain why except they seem more comfortable. ( I’m getting older ).
    And besides my briefs seemed like they wore out faster then my socks.
    I also must admit that I don’t lose them like my socks – but I went threw more of them then my socks. A person can were old socks but not old underwere. Mabe thats why.
    Bill perfered boxers over briefs.
    But I’ll bet that like you and me he lost socks too.
    Let’s hears it — Whats the prefence?

  4. still waters Says:

    hey! thanks for stopping by my blogs. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on socks…

  5. babychaos Says:

    I feel your pain, I have conversations like this all the time, usually about tidying up or something… I’m going “what’s the point” they’re going because it’ll make the place look nice and I’m going “but for how long?”



  6. Susan Says:

    But the “old” feeling of a pair of brand new socks beat the “old” feeling of a yucky pair of old socks ANY day.

    A new car starts to lose that smell and gets a little worn down over time…new socks are still better.

    Sorry, I’m with your friend!

  7. chirchi965 Says:

    I can’t stop laughing….a new shoe that is something…i think …or maybe different types of those with the toe thingy and maybe colorful socks….lol..thin socks…sorry i just can’t stop laughing..

    take care


  8. Grace Says:

    Hey! You stopped by my blog and I wondered if you were spam so I came to check you out, but it seems you randomly pop by people’s blog a lot, so thanks for that! I’m seeing a pattern, is this to generate traffic? Fair play to you if it is, like.

    I wouldn’t want new socks every day, some new socks seem baggy in the toes. What I would want is my same few pairs of interesting socks from TopShop to always be clean and never get more worn out that that first 2 or 3 washes stage. I LOVE socks, and I only own a couple of plain pairs that are either an interesting colour or trainer socks.

    Now what would be amazing if finding a new pair of Gap briefs of a specific kind every day of the year. I’m not all that into Gap what with some of the questionable ethics and weird sizes but I found a pair in the sale that are so comfy and so perfect to wear under anything!

    Anyway, i’ll stop talking about my pants now!

  9. Don Says:

    Fun article. I found you through Google. I was conducting a casual search after hearing a rumor that Bob Hope used to wear a brand new pair of socks every day… all the time. Just one of the little luxuries the wealthy can afford. I also heard that he saved the worn ones (if you could call them that) and donated them to charity. Another urban legend to add to the list. I haven’t found anything yet. Take care.

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