no time for the blues…

well, it happened again… inspiration, that is. 

I was asked by a friend how to keep from gettin’ the blues…

or at least… what do I do to recover from them?

good question,  deserves an answer…


“Where will we run to?  the blues always find me…

the blues, they know just where to look. 

The blues they know you just like a book.” 

…Jesse Winchester


I guess we can’t live without the blues.  No matter our walk of life, our social status or education.  Rich folks get ’em, so do the beautiful and powerful.  Even the influencial get the blues… and muscians?   whew!  they get dem blues bad and that ain’t good…  or is it?

Sometimes we get the blues and it causes us sadness, sometimes we pause and reflect.  We might pine on what could have been or how it used to be.  I guess we can’t always go through life on a lark, perhaps a little retrospective is a good thing.

But after awhile it isn’t healthy, so we need a sure fire way to snap out of it… otherwise we might slip into self condemnation and guilt, which is a bad thing.  Negetivity won’t get us anywhere… I loathe self pity.

So I use this as a barometer… if I can change it, I will.  If I can’t change it, I won’t worry about it.  If I said I was sorry for something I did yesterday then that still holds true today.  I don’t have to repeat the sentiment over and over… once is enough, if I said it I meant it.  We can’t punish ourselves over and over again for times past.

Now on the other hand… if I said ‘I love you’ I don’t mind repeating that a hundred times a day.  That is positive re-enforcement and a good thing.

But then there is that No Man’s Land in between… where we are neither happy or sad, maybe just in a funk… someone set the selector switch in the neutral position.  We sit in idle… the engine roars, but we ain’t goin’ nowhere. 

In that case… turn on the radio.  Put your fanny in gear and cruise… like Stevie Guitar Miller once said, “I’m gonna buy me a Mercury… cruise up and down this road.”

music soothes… I don’t have a one size fits all, that is up to our individual tastes but I do know this…

with the top down, a full tank of gas and the wind in my hair, I’ll crank it…

maybe even play some John Mayer…

guess the blues ain’t always a bad thing. 

and don’t let the bastards get you down (but don’t forget that sometimes we be the bastards)

just keep me where the light is…




2 Responses to “no time for the blues…”

  1. seamonster02 Says:

    oops, I put my comment on the wrong post. I get so confused with those youtube inserts that I can’t tell where I am. 🙂

  2. damewiggy Says:

    Oh, how i loved this.

    Simplification really is where it’s at, isn’t it?

    Thanks, mister. I’m gonna revisit this little gem often.

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