what I believe…

Okay… my last post exposed some of the emotions and beliefs from my inner sanctum while I was trying to comfort a person that I know via the blogosphere who met up with some hard knocks.  Maybe that was a bit too much for some to handle, what with mentioning the faith in God thing and quoting from the Bible.  What could be the harm, right?  But sometimes being honest reveals some human characteristic that others might not feel comfortable with and I apologize for that.  I wasn’t trying to convert anybody… 

So what I believe should be made quite clear from this point on otherwise you might feel I’ve misled you somehow. 

So here goes….

I believe in love.  I know that sounds corny but I do.  I think that love is the best emotion going for us humans.  Love conquers all… Love in the Afternoon, Love is a Many Splendored Thing, All You Need is Love, P.S. I Love You and Love Me Do.  It all fits together perfectly. 

 I believe in faith.  Faith in God… faith in His Word, faith in myself, faith in my fellow man, faith in the system, faith in the cosmic time table; faith, faith, faith in George Michael and Faith Hill.

I believe in death and taxes… two things we obviously cannot escape in this life.

I believe in music.

I believe in friends…  Friends (the T.V. show) Friends (the song) life long friends, best friends, only friends, Daytime Friends and Nighttime Lovers, and Friendly Persuasion.

I believe in commitments.  To my spouse (though I am presently not married) to my job, to my work, to my faith, to my ideals and to the musical group of the same name.

I believe in honest work for a days pay.   I believe in taking time to play.  I believe in praise for a job well done.  I believe in making it up as you go along.  I believe in following the directions as a last resort.  I believe that to have a friend you have to be a friend.  I believe to err is human but to forgive devine.  I believe in mutual respect and fair play.  I believe you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.  I believe in order to find out if a person is trustworthy you have to trust them.  I believe in courtesy.  I believe in truth.  I believe in law and order and playing by the rules.  I believe the punishment should fit the crime.  I believe in justice.  I believe in honesty.

I believe in peace and harmony.  I believe in going that extra mile. 

I believe God has a plan.  I believe that we are part of it.  I believe He is smarter than me.  I believe our heavenly Father knows best.  I believe people judge out of ignorance.  I believe people react out of fear and ignorance.  I believe we put too much importance on what other people think and not in our beliefs.  I believe in education.  I believe in facts.  I believe our beliefs should be believable.

I think you get the idea…  I believe in you.

If you take nothing else from this little blog than here is the rub…

In this life we bring nothing with us nor take nothing out.  As we live and breathe in this mortal coil, to train our conscienceness to the will of God is paramount to any single, solitary strand of hope that there is something better to come.  I believe in hope. 

Believe me, the rest does not matter…

end of sermon.



6 Responses to “what I believe…”

  1. karen62979 Says:

    I believe you & I have a lot of the same beliefs. Only some of mine are more jaded by age.

    Keep the faith, believe that God is watching as you walk this earth He made for us, & you will go far.

  2. damewiggy Says:

    What a great post.

    You renew my faith in mankind, sir.


  3. chirchi965 Says:

    Well said, even though I am from a different faith, but as long as we believe in god , nothing else matters right.

    Take care


  4. Cyndi Says:

    Amen, Brother!

  5. Jennifer Says:

    A very nice post! I love especially the final paragraph, “In this life we bring nothing with us nor take nothing out. As we live and breathe in this mortal coil, to train our conscienceness to the will of God is paramount to any single, solitary strand of hope that there is something better to come. I believe in hope.”

    ….and anyone who’s a fan of John Mayer and Eric Clapton has life just about right, in my humble opinion!!!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog!

  6. Joann Says:


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