what a great idea!

Occasionally I will get one of these, “pass this along” e-mails.  (Okay, perhaps more frequent than that) But I rarely do pass them along.  (Okay, perhaps not as frequent as that)  But you get the idea.  A couple of days ago I got one that summed it up pretty good and I thought it deserved mention.  See what you think…

These days as an employer I have to screen my potential new hirees for illegal drugs use.  It is an insurance issue.  Workers compensation doesn’t feel if you are hurt on the job while having illegal drugs in your system that they should have to cover you.  And they have a point, chances are if you weren’t stoned out of your tree (figuratively speaking, of course) you might not have sliced your fingers off with the circular saw and therefore were injured due to your own carelessness via illegal activity.   It is hard enough to collect when you have a legitimate claim, so workers should take this very seriously.

So the point being made was this.  If I as a worker have to be screened for illegal drug use prior to working for my money, why shouldn’t welfare recipients have to be screened for drug use before they can take it?  A very thought provoking question. 

I am not down on welfare recipients at all.  I was raised with six sisters and the majority of the time while we were growing up we lived on welfare.  It was not a pleasant experience, but it was necessary for us being raised by a single Mother who had no education or job skills and was sickly through out her life.  We as children were victims of circumstances and though at the time were not pleased with the stigma of being poor, we were grateful for being fed.  My Mother did not drink, smoke or do any illegal drug while raising us on the welfare system, but now with this point being brought up I wonder, how many today are?

I’m sure there will be some bleeding heart liberal out there that will becry an invasion of privacy but think… was not the tax payers privacy being invaded when the test was made mandantory prior to his or her employment?  What is good for the goose is go for the gander.

I am not all that familiar with each states prerequisite for qualifiying for government aid, and I for one am thankful that the aid was available in our case, but wouldn’t it be interesting to know if this is in practice now?



2 Responses to “what a great idea!”

  1. karen62979 Says:

    Part of the reason that insurance companies have gotten so tough on new claims coming in, is the fraud that’s perpetuated every single day with Workman’s Comp insurance. That’s also why I have to pay through the nose because I have to carry it.

    Welfare needs to be reformed. Seriously reformed. If people are having more babies that nobody wants, just to get more money, they need to be off welfare. If, in your type of situation, a parent really needs help, & has a good reason why they can’t work, it’s a different story. But the young people that don’t work because they have kids, so they have to collect welfare, they need to be stopped. Unless a person can show a VALID reason why they need the help, it shouldn’t be there. Get a job, & support themselves. They’ll (& I) would appreciate it more.

    Sorry, but these 2 issues go straight through me.

  2. seamonster02 Says:

    Working in the “Projects” for four years, I saw many healthy young people popping out babies so they could be in the welfare system. They don’t finish high school – just pop out babies and sit home watching tv. They do a lot of illegal drug use – one of the reasons this area is a high crime zone – and they SUPPORT lazy ass men who don’t want to work.

    These men beat them up, they’d call the police to have the man arrested and then be down at the jail posting his bail all on the same day. Welfare perpetuates this kind of behavior these days. The abuse of it is so wide spread that only by scraping the whole thing and starting over can we really help those who need it.

    I also think if a person is on welfare then they need to be made to do some sort of community service once and awhile. At the housing authority, each resident was suppose to donate 8 hrs of their time a month doing something that we needed done – usually picking up trash. But NOT ONE of the hundreds of residents did a single hour the entire four years I was there. It is very discouraging.

    I am not against welfare – I think it is a very valuable tool for helping the poor and disabled – but our system is way out of control.

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