How Come It Always Parades On My Rain?

I’ve been talkin’ to a friend about life, you know… this sphere, this existence, our realm and consciousness.  And as we travel down the winding road that leads to the end of the rainbow, I’ve gotta know…

 How come every time I drop something while I am driving down that road it has to fall between the bucket seat and the center console?  Is the vehicle of life just molded that way? designed to frustrate us and make the journey more hectic?

And politicians, are they really that ignorant?  I wrote a couple of lines to one in particular making known my displeasure on a bill he was trying to help get pushed through, (you know the one) and now he has his weekly newsletter sent to my e-mail like we are old friends?  How come he thinks I really give a hoot?  Dude, I took the time to tell you what I’m not happy with, doesn’t mean I want to hear what you think you are doing right.

Now how come every time I come up with a good idea it has already been invented?  I hate that, I’ll be toolin’ along minding my own business and think… “they should come up with this or that” and then I’ll say something to somebody like, “they should come up with this or that” and they’ll say, (like duh!) “they’ve already invented that!” and I’ll think, “they’ve stolen my idea!”

Like re-enforced toilet paper, why don’t they make something like that?  The fringes don’t have to be two-ply, it always splits in the middle.  How come they don’t fix that?

Ever notice whenever your about to give someone a bit of free advice they say, “that’s just your opinion”?  Of course it is MY opinion, if it were George Clooney’s opinion I would say so.  Or how come things that are uncomfortably “near the knuckle” are disregarded as YOUR interpretation?  I mean, if we are having a conversation about global warming and we read some data and I come to a sumerization of the facts, ISN’T THAT WHAT IS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN?  We draw conclusions? 

“The world is going to burn up like a cosmic match head struck on the backside of the universe!”  “Oh, that’s just YOUR interpretation!” 

And finally, how come when you try to settle a relationship amicably it always turns out that you were an asshole?  I mean the relationship might have gone on for years but all of a sudden those remarkable little attributes that mark your distinct personality now appear to be teeth grinding faults that the second party had to endure?  Take for example: Rock and Roll music.  I’m a big fan.  But when all the packing is done and you are set to move on how come you discover that she “really hated” all that you held dear and it was no wonder that you had to listen to it loud because you weren’t that great about listening anyway?

Not that it has ever happened to me personally…




5 Responses to “How Come It Always Parades On My Rain?”

  1. freevolition Says:

    Due to present time constraints I will cogitate on your philosophical questions and return later. How much later will be determined by:
    A. The Big Boss upstairs
    B. Time required to cogitate properly

  2. freevolition Says:

    Ah, now I see! This was simply rhetorical questions. Right?

  3. karen62979 Says:

    is done and you are set to move on how come you discover that she “really hated” all that you held dear and it was no wonder that you had to listen to it loud because you weren’t that great about listening anyway?

    All that is a total defense mechanism to justify her part of the breakup. You knew that, didn’t you? She has to feel she did the right thing, therefore, you’re the jerk in the matter. Total defense on her part. Not something you should worry about, because it’s her problem, not yours.

  4. babychaos Says:

    I’ve just been to away for the weekend, long days out, meals, restaurant or public loos… no loo paper in a single fricking one. God bless serviettes and thank heavens I had one in my pocket “just in case”.

    I so hear you on the precious thing and the bucket seats, I’ve just managed to liberate a coldplay CD which has been under the passenger seat of my car for… yes… 3 years!

    Knowing these two things won’t help you at all but they might make you smile!

    Chin up!

    Pipple toot.


  5. seamonster02 Says:

    I agree with karen62979 – it is your ex’s problem, not yours. Its the same as when you were in the last months or year of the relationship when she started nit picking things you said or did. She was unconsciously (or possibly consciously) looking for excuses to justify a breakup. I’d say nit picking is one tell-tall sign that the relationship is headed for the rocks.

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