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I have been privileged to view a private screening of Michael Moore’s new film, SiCKO, which will be released to the general public this Friday, the 29th.  I know it has already been onslaught with negetive publicity but indulge me while I give you my take on it’s theme.

 Everybody knows our health care system sucks.  There just isn’t any other way to describe it.  The fact that we can spend billions of dollars on foreign aid and/or conflicts but can’t take care of our own citizens at home is apalling to me.  I can’t understand how we can justify letting our own people suffer and go without care while we parade under the premise of offering a better way of democracy to the rest of the world.  And to top it all off, we ain’t even that healthy.

Everybody knows how corrupt the the system is, we can’t buy cheaper drugs from Canada because of “safety” issues, (the identical product, mind you) we can’t get decent coverage on insurances without paying through the nose and when there is a claim the industry tries their damnest to wiggle out of paying. 

But the part that gripes my fanny most is the fact that other countries can offer free health care to all.  Canada, England, France, even Cuba and Venezula  (the so called “evil” places opposed to us) not only provide it for their citizens but to foreigners as well.  I’m not claiming their system is perfect, but WE could have a BETTER system than theirs, if we WANTED to.

Everybody knows the problem is legislators and lobbyists, the profits going to the shareholders and prejudice against the poor.  Health care for the elderly erodes while the costs continue to escalate.  People have to choose between buying food and getting their meds.  This is what they work their entire life for?  It is discusting how we treat our senior citizens.  Ofcourse, some may think that better planning on their part would’ve prevented the problem in the first place, but how many thousands have lost the pensions they have payed into through no fault of their own while executives  pull down huge bonuses?  You hear of it time and again, so who didn’t plan?  Not the employee who put faith in the system, the system failed us.  And it continues to do so.

Why not, for a change… try something that seems to work for others?  I know people are going to argue that it will cost us more in taxes but we pay taxes now for things that don’t benefit us, I don’t think too many folks would mind paying into something that will provide for the common good.

I know I haven’t touched on much about the movie, and since it is Michael Moore many will try to discredit it but think for a moment… if EVERYBODY KNOWS the system needs fixed it is not about who heralds the message, it is about what we are going to do about it.

One comment I will take from the movie and share with you.  One gentleman said that “in a democracy, the government should fear the people,  the people should not fear the government.  … Americans fear their government.”

I reccomend the film, even if it stirs a debate… at least that is a step in the right direction.  People change governments, they will not change on their own.



8 Responses to “See SiCKO (b4ubasicko2)”

  1. seamonster02 Says:

    Very well said! People have changed the course of our history many times since our nation’s birth – just ordinary people like you and me. What we need is an awakening and a sense of empowerment – our government was meant to serve the people…not the other way around. The foundation our forefather’s laid was solid and strong – but somewhere along the way things became all jumbled. We, the People, need to strip it all down to the basics and rebuild our great nation.

  2. babychaos Says:

    It would be brillient! It would also make a change from watching our government doing things that HAVEN’T worked for you guys!

    Actually as an outsider I feel, in many ways, that I have little right to comment but I would recommend buying a book by Khassan Baiev called The Oath and reading the first chapter. It’s all about sitting on gurney in a US hospital waiting to have treatment for a haemorrhaging stomach ulcer… it’s pretty stark especially as the rest of the book is about one of Russia’s premier plastic surgeons who gives up everything to treat the wounded – from both sides – in a civil war in his own country.



  3. toejam Says:

    I too was able to see this movie b-4 the release.(by the way, in very good, informative company).
    I work and have worked in health care for most of my life. I have seen how the lack paying or even OF, paying all your life, for life/health insurance only to be hit below the belt when you MOST need the help. Changes do need to be made, no question about it.
    I must agree with seamonster that the only way this will change is with the people – people must change the goverment! Our we only lambs?
    Goverment must not control the people- in the USA – people must control the goverment!!! Things are getting weird & scary.
    We need change, but to reley on our elected officials is just not working. It seems the only thing thats important to them is money & power.
    This is not just another Michael Moore movie, it is your future – your childerns future – your grandclildrens future. Think about it -debate it – act on it!
    The USA / we can do it – just as the movie says – postal service – firemen – police – librarys work just fine. With some work & compassion this could work too.
    Please lets talk more on this subjuct.

  4. damewiggy Says:

    thanks for the review. i’ll make it a priority.

    take care, hermano. =)

  5. Cyndi Says:

    Don’t know if I mentioned it to you or not, but I wrote a paper on this very subject when I was taking a college course. This was many years ago. I’ve always thought that we should emulate some of these other countries when it comes to our health care system, but you know why it will be a hard thing to pass, don’t you? Then doctors would get fair, but not exorbitant wages for their skills. They wouldn’t be rich anymore (well some of them are). They will surely fight to keep that power over us.

    Love ya.

  6. SAM-Bone Says:

    Unkie Ric,
    Please do not let this subject die. Having seen the movie over a week a go also – it has been a big topic of conversation both at work and in my social time, everyone I have spoke with has been very interested. From fellow health care workers and friends that work for the state department of public health. Over the next two or three weeks to years, I believe this subject is going to grow, both good and bad.
    I know there are many people that are anti-Michael Moore for many different reasons. Whether its for being forced to watch ‘Roger & Me’ in high school, being too young or neive to really understand the true point of of the cause or just being to neive to really give him a chance, believing that he twists the truth.
    I am truly thankful for the fact that I did attend a public school in a very liberal city, and was able to be exposed to as many different things as possible. Like being exposed to ‘Roger & Me’ in high school, and then years latter sitting in a 100 person line opening day to see “Farenhight 9/11” in one of the few hundread theaters in the US to play it, that day.
    This is just another movie in the list of many that I’ve sat and watched with loved ones that I care about, and it really does change every person. From comedy’s like ‘Harvey’ that make you believe that anything can be true to movies like “SiCKO” that are so truthful that it scares not only you but your children and so on.
    Hopefully like Michael Moore said on ‘The Daily Show’ universal health care in the United States really would/could happen in the next 4 to 8 years and not become another Pooka.

  7. chrisfiore5 Says:

    Unfortunately people are so embroiled in the fact that this is a Michael Moore film that they can’t see the forest for the trees. I read a USA Today article just last week that bombasted the movie over such details as “only 41 million people are without health care, not 50 million as the film suggests.” I don’t know whose figures are the most accurate but lets face it, even if it is “only” 41, or 40, or 39… gee, 25 million, isn’t that too many for the leaders of the free world who profess to have a better way?

    People accept the 13-30 million illegal immigrant figures without batting an eyelash, don’t they?

    And I have heard the argument that the medical community will suffer because they won’t be able to make the money they are accustomed to.
    You know, there used to be “honorable” professions among men and being a doctor was one of them. Doctors wanted to help people, they took an oath, they sacrificed their time and energies for the good of humanity. Where did those ideals go? Now our thinking is that we can get rich by doing this without a thought to morality? If that is what it takes to balance the scales and bring back Marcus Welby then so be it.

    I’ve also been told that research would suffer, people wouldn’t want to get involved with finding a “cure” if they couldn’t make any money. Well, isn’t that what got us into this mess in the first place? Greed? Our government is funding research all of the time, maybe the REAL worry would be that now we would be expecting RESULTS, not private sector rhetoric.

    I appreciate all the feedback my little observations have merited thus far, but change can only come from the people involved. Affordable health care should not be a dream.

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