Hello Hillary

gosh Ms. President elect,

     I am sorry it has taken me so long to get back with you but alot of things have been on my mind lately.

     I’m not exactly sure why a presidential candidate had to take issue with Don Imus’ remark about “nappy headed hos” but I guess one must make their press anyway they can and you are no exception.

     I saw you on CNN the other night and you were responding to a question from the audience.  To paraphrase,  you responded by saying you would appeal to the American public by intitating the feeling that “we are all in this together” which is good, I believe I suggested you do that some months ago.  (see archives under:  Hillary Clinton)

Let me further suggest the following:

If  were the President I would:

 1)     always appeal to the American people before I would make a decision by educating the public freely and without bias because… 

2)     forgo consulting with Senators or Congressmen knowing these people are influenced by vote getters and lobbyists.

3)     be more concerned about American citizens than foreign governments, peoples or politics.  My decisions would always be for the common good because I would  have no political agenda or alliance with any foreign entity, parties, businesses or groups.

4)    give a general accounting for monies spent here and abroad every month.  Any successful endeavor must know where the spending is going and if we are “all in this together” people have a right to know now, not after the venture fails.  

5)     also not allow favoritism to any one conglomerate, party or social arena.  I would always be of the people, by the people and for the people.

6)     keep an official White House blog that I attended to at least once a week.  I would answer my own e-mail no matter how unfavorable or critical it was of my administration even if it meant maintaining a FAQ section.

7)     make a weekly progress report to the people either via television or radio or both on the issues I have agreed to resolve, start or continue from prior administrations.  

8)     not have a spokesperson or speech writer.  If I am supposedly smart enough to lead the free world I should be able to do my own research, convey my own thoughts and defend my own decisions without fear of reprisals (though there may be many) or rebuttal (though there may be many more).

9)     lead by my own example.  If I am asking the American people to cut fuel consumption I would do my part by riding a bike, driving a hybrid vehicle, carpooling, taking public transportation or walking.

10)     admit my mistakes.  If I got caught with my hand in the cookie jar it would not cause me to publicly condemn cookies or the people that account for them.  I would merely come by them honestly, partake of them openly and praise the virtue of cookies candidly.

      I am looking forward to seeing you incorporate these suggestions in your campaign during the coming months.


                                                        John Q. Citizen                     


12 Responses to “Hello Hillary”

  1. Bruce Says:

    Hillary is a fake. She will not win even if she is the Democratic Candidate. She is a hateful vindictive person. Imus said it well “She is the Devil, Satan”

    Voting for Mrs. Clinton is like throwing the U.S which is already in trouble, into World War Three.

    And Barack Hussein Obama has the same problem Wrong name.

    Do not worry. Imus will be back before the Presidential election in 2008 and will not be tied to any ruler that controls what is sent over the airways.

    And will continue to bash her legally. That is what Freedom of Speech is all about.

    Bruce From Florida

  2. chrisfiore5 Says:

    what? me worry?

    I don’t know that Mrs Clinton would cause http://WWW.III though I fear she may win because of her novelty…

    I don’t personally follow Don Imus but as I have said he was a political scapegoat and nothing more…

    It would be tough running for the Executive Office and always be under public scrutiny, I don’t know that I could handle the pressure…

    (…but if asked I will serve)


  3. karen62979 Says:

    Hillary will stand a better chance because of who she’s married to. Obama, I’ve heard that while in the IL senate, he was too liberal with everyone else’s money. Who knows? It doesn’t appear that there are too many good candidates.

  4. chrisfiore5 Says:

    It is a shame when people feel they have to pick the “best out of the worst” isn’t it?

    Too bad there isn’t a Bobby out there when we truly need one.


  5. damewiggy Says:

    I think you should run, chris. You’d have my vote. As long as you promised to revamp health care policies. These doctors and dentists are raping my retirement. Oh wait, I don’t have a retirement. I’m an American. Silly me.

    Hilly scares me. Any woman that could bypass/contain her emotions and neither divorce nor dismember her husband upon the ‘blew’ dress scandal would most certainly be detached enough to bounce nuclears around the planet.

  6. karen62979 Says:

    Bobby couldn’t have made it, he spoke his mind.

    As far as Hillary goes, I appreciate what she went through with her husband, the slob. I also think she did well, keeping it out of the public eye. That mess was nobody’s business but hers & his. Now under his suit, there could have (if he were my husband, it’s be WOULD HAVE) been untold damage that limited him to walking only.

    What’s health care, that I’ve heard so much about???????

  7. chrisfiore5 Says:

    You know, dame… I might consider it but I doubt I could bring myself round to wearing a skirt.


  8. seamonster02 Says:

    At this point, anyone would hopefully be better the the idiot we have in office now. I can’t even watch his press conferences without groaning in disgust!

  9. seamonster02 Says:

    Hey, its been four days since you wrote on your blog. Let’s step it up there bro. 🙂

  10. damewiggy Says:

    How’z about a well tailored kilt?

    Why you’d be dashing.

  11. seamonster02 Says:

    You can tell the ideals of a nation by its advertisements. –Norman Douglas

  12. english mastiff Says:

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    english mastiff

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