…and still more pet peeves!

Well shucks, pilgrim… here it is just one week end after Memorial Day and guess what?  gas prices start to drop!  a miracle? naw… just greed.  It ticks me off that we have no recourse over these roller coaster surges and gouges but what are the alternatives?  don’t drive? I don’t drive, I don’t work and so the vicious cycle goes.  So though it has appeared numerous times on this blog… it still gripes my fanny.

I don’t like cigarette butts along our roads, sidewalks, beaches and parks either.  Why are people so inconsiderate?  don’t they see what we all see?  Perhaps the nicotine short circuits their brain and makes them blind but I sure wish they’d come out with a biodegradable filter for those things, cigarette smokers are a blight to society… they think the world is their ashtray.  If the government banned filtered cigarettes maybe more people would quit, it sure would help clean up the landscape.  Lets face it, smoking kills… why not hasten it along a little bit, ban filters and save the environment?

I loath seeing Jesus Christ in advertising.  Like the Good Lord cares that your sprinkler pipes are “spirit filled”.  I can’t imagine the Apostle Paul hanging a shingle outside his tent making enterprise stating something like “Jesus chose me, you should, too.”  I know these people think it is their way of proclaiming the Word of God, but I don’t recall any scripture saying it was a Christian’s privilege to use God’s favor to sell cars, carpet or candy bars. But these people sure manage to find a way to make all that is holy a way to make a buck… which is discusting to me.  I’d rather hire a honest heathen than a enterprising evangelist any day.

The term, “Life coaches” irks me.  They say that those who cannot play the game… coach.  Does that mean that those who cannot handle life coach?  I wonder… what makes a coach in the game of life?  “C’mon, kid! we need a touchdown! get in there and give ’em hell!”  Isn’t it better to lead by example?  “What do you do for a living?”  “I’m a life coach!”  “Got any credentials?” “Well, I’ve made it this far!”  Gee,  haven’t we all?  I don’t need to pay someone $250.00 an hour to hear them tell me, “You can do it!”  I know I can do it, other wise I wouldn’t try…  if I can’t… it wasn’t that important anyway.

I don’t like those little skater/tennis shoes the kids are wearing now.  I can’t count how many times I’ve seen young people whirling around on their heels and slamming into store displays, shopping carts, walls or people.  What are parents thinking?  Especially if a child is unruly in the first place.  This apparatus allows them to speed away faster than before.  If kids are going to wear these shoes they need wide open spaces not places where people congregate..

I hate seeing lawyers advertising, hate it! hate it! HATE IT!  I think part of the reason our society is in such a bad way is because of lawyers advertising.  “No fee unless we are successful in your behalf!”  Gee, I’ve got nothing to lose, maybe I’ll sue.  “Nursing home abuse! stop! smell! listen! call toll free!”  Hey, Grandpa was 99 years old and ready to go but maybe we can squeeze a few bucks from his caregiver.  “Don’t trust your insurance company, call us before you give any kind of statement.”  Well, it may have been a hit and run but somebody has got to be responsible, we’ll blame law enforcement.  And my favorite, “You may be entitled to compensation!”  for what?  being the eyes, ears, nose and throat of some lawyer who recruits thousands of people to be on the look out?  People think now that they have a right to money just because they had the kahounas to call an ambulance chaser?  … I hate it, it has been a detriment to society since the government lifted the ban, everybody thinks they have a free ride coming and lawyers are in the drivers seat.

Make money in foreclosures!  Doesn’t that sound appealing? Cash in on someone else’s misery!  Joe lost his job and his family is out on the street but you can make a killing buying foreclosures on properties like his!  What are we, circling sharks waiting to tear into the helpless and afflicted?  Why not be offering a helping hand instead of assisting in giving Joe the boot?  Couldn’t make any money! that’s why.

I can’t figure out why people can’t return shopping carts to the designated area in the parking lot.  I mean, they can run all over the mall or grocery store pushing the damn thing but would rather leave it to wander around by itself bumping into parked cars or blocking a parking space instead of returning it.  The places we shop at are considerate enough to offer these carts as a convenience, why not show appreciation by taking care to make sure they are put back?  Also, why do they have to rush for a parking place right up front?  Most of us could use the exercise and there is no overcrowding in the rear.  Why not give the elderly or the infirm a chance at saving a few steps and enjoy the walk in the fresh air and sunshine?  Also, if you see a person has finished unloading their shopping cart, why not offer to take it back for them if you are heading in?   You would be amazed at the surprise and gratitude you’ll receive from this little token of consideration.

People that won’t allow me to merge in traffic should be forced to the curb and made to wait for everyone else to fly by.  It is almost like they are thinking, “You’re not going to get in front of ME!”  They challenge you to run into them instead of following the rules of the road.  Courtesy is contagious, folks.  Give a little, get a little.

It bugs me when I scan people’s blogs only to read that they “have nothing to say”, or their “life is boring”, or “nobody’ll read this anyway” or, “blah, blah, blah…”  why bother?  I’ll admit that 99% of what I have to say may not be that profound but if it isn’t remotely interesting why trouble yourself?  no one else will get it either…

(did I say 99%?  that may have been a gross overstatement…  this is all groundbreaking, earth shaking, soul searching and eerily relevant, isn’t it?  …please say yes … )



7 Responses to “…and still more pet peeves!”

  1. freevolition Says:

    Ouch! You’ve touched a raw nerve! Have you ever noticed that when you ask someone what their pet peeve is (why do people say ‘pet peeve’? Why not just ‘peeve’?), their response will almost inevitably have something to do with people. Other people. Go ahead and give it a try. You’ll see that I’m not kidding!

  2. karen62979 Says:

    Several nerves, as a matter of fact. Ambulance chasers, getting money for nothing, & foreclosures. All of the above are irritating.

  3. babychaos Says:

    So with you on pretty much all of these.

    Traffic, people who pull out in front of you without looking or don’t let you merge because they’re not looking. They know you are there but they stare straight ahead because if they haven’t seen you they can’t be being a bastard!

    Also… anyone who calls a sprinkler system’s pipe “spirit filled” has got to be the biggest charlatan of all time and the absolute antithesis of everything being a Christian stands for. If there really is a hell and if there really is anyone in there, it’ll be the people who have used God to force crappy products on naive unthinking Christians… along with the guys who go on TV and say God wants our money! If Christianity works the way it’s supposed to God wants hearts and minds and stuff like that…

    Blimey! I might have to do one of these, myself.



  4. legallybrunette Says:

    I worked in retail when those shoes came out – and strictly forbid their use in my store. They’re annoying – and they’re a hazard.

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