The illegal immigration solution, conclusion… a.k.a Illegal Immigrant for President! (he’ll do the work George Bush won’t)

 ***Please note:  This is the conclusion of an ongoing commentary.  To better understand this entry it is suggested that you scroll back and read Parts 1 and 2 first.

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Pretend you own a house.  You live in a nice neighborhood.  You work hard, pay your bills and taxes.  Your neighbors are a bit envious of you because of your success, but you are involved with the community.  You give to charity, you donate your time to worthy causes, you try to set a good example.  In other words, you are an upstanding, law abiding citizen.

Then one day, you discover someone has invaded your home and set up residence without your permission.  You call the authorities, but they are reluctant to do anything about it.  Not only that, but you find out that your neighbors have been employing this person who has no license, pays no taxes, has no insurance and has been using your materials for his own profit.  To add insult to injury he has also brought his family into your house without asking, and now they are questioning your ability to run your own home, they are making demands, they want compensation.

Now the homeowners association decides that the person that has come to your house illegally should be given part ownership of your home and your representative in government wants to grant him legal status and make you pay the costs of his indoctrination. 

Impossible?  No.

If a person was convicted of being a drug dealer, not only would he be imprisoned but all the material possessions bought with his profits would be confiscated as ill gotten gains and sold at auction.   Yet illegal immigrants could cost the United States more than we spend on the war on drugs.  White collar crimes like Enron could pale against the cost of illegal immigrants in the United States.  In fact, blue collar crimes like armed robbery will not cost Americans as much as illegal immigrants.  We should allow for more armed robbers to go free because though that is a crime, that activity will not cost the taxpayers as much as allowing illegal immigrants to stay in this country. 

Why should one illegal activity be favored over another?  Bank robbers pay into the system, they buy cars, food and bullets.  They’ll do the crime that the rest of Americans won’t do.

The United States is Mexico’s welfare system.  According to a recent USA Today article, 40% of Mexicans live in poverty.  Now money illegally earned here by it’s citizens is being sent back to Mexican relatives.  It is the second largest source of income for Mexico next to oil production.  Yet Mexico supplies the U.S. more oil than Saudi Arabia and Venezuela combined.  We are it’s best customer but the Mexican government has not been a strong ally to the U.S.   I think that country’s politics needs more of an overhaul than ours.

I am a small business owner.  It is getting more and more difficult to maintain my business with the cost of insurances, taxes and paying a fair wage to my employees.  I have to do these things in order to stay in business by law regardless if I make a profit or not.  This idea of allowing illegal immigrants to stay here because they will do the work that Americans won’t is a LIE.  I have been on huge job-sites with hundreds of workers and not one of them spoke English.  Yet there is plumbing, HVAC, electrical, carpentry, drywall,  masonry and heavy equipment work being done.  You can’t tell me that there aren’t unemployed Americans out there who wouldn’t rather be working those jobs than sitting at home watching Oprah.

Like I have said before, I have empathy for these victims of Mexico’s inept and corrupt government.  I don’t blame anyone for wanting a better life and it would be hard to stay clear of prosperity because of an imaginary line that separates one country from another.  But they are refugees and in accordance to how we have dealt with that issue in the past we have not forsaken the laws of this land to accomedate them.

Big businesses and politicians are the only ones that will benefit from allowing this crisis to go on.  The majority of citizens do not want an amnesty bill, they want law enforcement and protection from criminals.  The federal government has failed us in this regard.  Millions of people have become American citizens by following the law, millions more are applying and willing to follow the guidelines set by law.  Should the law change because some want to cut in line before those who play by the rules?  I don’t think so.

The war in Iraq will not cost as much to taxpayers as the allowing for illegal immigrants to stay in these United States. 

Some say we should invade Mexico and overthrow their government.  Some think an invasion has already begun.



11 Responses to “The illegal immigration solution, conclusion… a.k.a Illegal Immigrant for President! (he’ll do the work George Bush won’t)”

  1. freevolition Says:

    Have you heard or read what Rep. Dana Rohrabacher had to say about S1348? If not, go here –>

    This is the week, folks. Call and fax your Senators and tell them to vote NAY on this bill. This is a government of we the people, and if you don’t make your voices heard it is likely this bill will pass and this nation will morph into something entirely different. The clock is ticking.

    The proponents of this bill try to tell us it is not an amnesty bill because the illegal immigrants will have to pay a $1,000 ‘fine’, which is an admission of guilt. A rose by any other name… a matter of semantics. So if the word used is ‘fee’ in lieu of ‘fine’, does that then make it amnesty? They can’t stand and piss on my head and then try to tell me it’s only raining.

  2. chrisfiore5 Says:

    thanks freevolition for that information…

    I appreciate rohrabacher’s candor but I’m afraid all outcries against this bill are falling on deaf ears…

    I think we should put it on a public ballot and let the people decide… but that’ll never happen.

    so much for democracy.

  3. freevolition Says:

    Well, we won round one. 🙂 Let’s see if they resurrect a ‘new and improved’ bill and wrap it in up prettier paper.

  4. capstar410 Says:

    Great Report. I have been unwillingly engulfed in the hoopla surrounding our countries negative relations with other countries, mostly in part, due to new energy crisis. I found a great article, much like this one, which further details some possible implications and scenarios our country might, and most likely will face in the future. Take a look.


  5. johnathan Says:

    Hmm sounds like a little bit of ignorance to me. contraversial issue, ignorant ass author. Implying that illegal immigrants are criminals is proposterous, and to let more armed robbers go?!??!? sounds like a good idea to me!! Why dont you get your head out of your ass and try to practice a little bit of empathy. what if you could not feed your family? what if you lived in less than adequate conditions? all i have to say is put yourself in someone else’s shoes for a day, then go fuck yourself!

  6. chrisfiore5 Says:

    hey johnathan,

    ofcourse I was only joking about the armed robbers… but the point was, why change our laws for one group of lawbreakers in favor of another? and yes, they are lawbreakers… hence the term “illegal”.

    and if you have read the 3 parts of this entry, you would know that I definately have sympathy towards anyone who has to endure injustice and hardship. But the problem lies with the Mexican government, not our laws. The solution lies in changing them, our energies would be better spent recognizing and doing something about that, not continually thinking
    we have to tweak our system to accomedate every person that crosses our border improperly.

    Millions of people have come by way of the system and they have prospered… I don’t think changing our way of doing things would be fair to those who have played by the rules. Nor would it be prudent to those who live here and seek protection by those rules.

    just my opinion…

    thanks for the visit.


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  11. Kacey Says:

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