whilst I was away…

Gee, take a few weeks (okay, seven…) to write a short story and post it on your blog then guess what happens?  The world continues to spin merrily along without your commentary and that can be a bad thing.  After all, there are a least a few (okay, a couple of…) people that are interested in what you have to say.  (aren’t there?  please say yes…) 

So without further ado these are some of the things that have passed by while I was developing The Shades of Hemingway and making it available free of charge for your enjoyment.  (which only proves how much I love you)

1)     Anna Nicole Smith died…

Yes, it is true she died before I started working on the story but they are still talking about it now so I could have said something earlier on about it and chose not to.  In retrospective I can say that for finding fame and fortune, success seemed shallow for the blond bombshell.  She obviously was not a happy person despite her celebrity status and that should be a lesson for the rest of us.  Happiness comes from within, folks.  It is truly something money can’t buy, perhaps it only aids in detaining it. 

Rest in peace, Anna Nicole.

2)      Don Imus said “nappy headed ho…”

I’ve never been a fan of Mr. Imus, but I can’t help but feel he is a political scapegoat for the likes of “Reverend”  “Big Al” Sharptongue.  I can’t figure out if people got pissed because he said “nappy headed”  or “ho” or the combination of “nappy headed ho”.  But really, how many people that were listening that day got offended?  It wasn’t until somebody decided to go public and complain that the rest of us heard about it then turned it into a public scandal.  Not only that, but Don repeated what another guy said first and then laughed at his terminology.  Imus didn’t come up with it on his own but he was the star and there was a political agenda so he had to go. 

I can’t help but think of little Stevie Wonder and his song entitled:  I Wish.  It goes like this…

Looking back on when I

was a little nappy headed boy,

then my only worry

was for Christmas what would be my toy.

Or are we talking about being called a “ho”?  I wonder where that slang came from in the first place?  Guess those words are okay when blacks use them.  Sorry Don, you were born white, are now affluent and just too easy a target. 

What a double standard…  

3)     Virginia Tech tragedy…

A sick bastard who couldn’t accept that the American dream is what you make of  the opportunity, not what you might think you are entitled to shoots innocent students.  You know, the State of Utah allows for the carrying of firearms in public, even on university campuses.  I can’t help but wonder if this senseless act of violence would have taken place if the perpetrator had the inkling that his intended victims could fire back. 

I am not for gun control, I am for gun education.  I think as dangerous as the world is today that everyone should have some training in the handling of firearms.  Our Founding Fathers would not want the public to shrink back from this right to bear arms.  We should have them, be trained and use them in our self defense.  Less armed crazies victimizing unarmed citizens, more self protection and determination to thwart intimidation by gun toting thugs.  The government can’t provide protection for us individually and the situation is getting worse, not better. 

It is our right to bear arms and we should not forsake it.

4)     Sheryl Crow saves the environment one square at a time…

Gosh,  it must be rough being a rock star…  the world hangs on every word that you say and just when they think that you are hip, it turns out that you’re square.  Sheryl said that the world could save itself if it used only one square of toilet tissue per bathroom visit, which she later recanted as a joke.  Still,  I think there is a song there…

People laugh but I don’t care…

are you strong enough to use one square?

5)     Florida beats Ohio State for a second National Championship.

Never thought Florida would win the first one let alone a second.  I thought Ohio State would want revenge for their last loss against Florida but I obviously was wrong on all three counts. 

Gotta hand it to the Gators… 

6)     Tainted dog food.

It is a scary thing when our pet’s food composition is outsourced to a third world country that contaminates it.  Makes you wonder if that could happen to animals why couldn’t it happen to humans?  These countries are not regulated like America is, they can use pesticides that we have banned then turn around and sell us these food products we should be growing ourselves.  I don’t agree with N.A.F.T.A. or any of these foreign trade policies that put us at risk.  FDA, where are you when we need you?  

Something needs to change before we are all S.O.L. …

7)     Toyota passes GM as the #1 auto maker in the world. 

Wow, that wasn’t so hard to foresee.  American cars suck, why should people buy them?  Out of loyalty?  Toyota makes a better product and backs them better, who wouldn’t want to get their monies worth?  I have owned American and foreign made vehicles.  It seems the quality of the American made gets less and less while the foreign car continues to improve.  

Wish I could say different… 

8)     Jerry Falwell dies.

Not much on religious leaders, don’t follow the T.V. evangelists and could care less about their doctrine.  I don’t know why he suffered such intolerences as a man of God but I figure Ol’ Jer’ll end up meeting his maker and in the end He will straighten things out.


9)     Zach Johnson wins the Masters.

Not much on golf but this guy is from Iowa City (my home town) so I am pleased to make mention of him. 

10)     Last and certainly least… (and absolutely the last time I mention her on this blog)  Paris Hilton got 90,  er… 45,  uh…  23 days? mmm… maybe a slap on the wrist, no still too harsh…? a tap?  c’mon… a scolding,  maybe a time out?  How about another free pass because she is a spoiled rich kid that the stupid public seems to be enthralled with…

Discusting lack of justice, if it were you and me there would be no discussion so is that fair?  I thought justice was blind but it is bought, paid for and segregated between the rich and the poor which is in turn a bigger crime than hers and morally corrupt.  What does it teach the impressionable young?  respect the law?  not hardly. 

The Paris Hilton soap opera… as my stomach turns.


Ofcourse… the war is still going strong, politics rage on as usual, gas prices are higher than ever and the economy seems to be worse than it was back two months ago. 

But I am still here and attentive to your needs, if you have room for optimism…



3 Responses to “whilst I was away…”

  1. babychaos Says:

    Good stuff as ever – right with you on Paris Hilton! Please somebody take her to some far off desert island and leave her there.

    That said, I’m definitely not with you on the guns but then I’m a Brit and we’re down on guns, big time over here. Ok so some criminals get them but on the whole we’re gun-free or at least, the purchase of guns is strictly controlled both in who can buy them and in what type of guns are available. You can buy guns for recreation – shooting targets, clay pidgeons and the like – or for work – game keeping, shooting things to eat – these are normally rifles. Hand guns, for example, are illegal. I consider this a good thing.

    The arguments pro and against rage on and on, the same statistics can, apparently, be used to fight the cause on both sides but here are some of the ones I liked from the Centers for Control and Prevention and the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (in the US, not here) and quoted in an article in the Times newspaper.

    More Americans are killed each year in accidents involving firearms than in cars.
    Gun crime in the states has increased at a rate of about 130% over the last 40 years – actually it’s probably going to be about the same here soon, thanks to all those tossers who deal drugs.
    The majority of gun deaths in the US are people who know each other – ie not an unknown assailant in self defence.
    Statistically if you have a gun in your house it is 12 times more likely to result in the intentional or unintentional death of a family member or acquaintance rather then an intruder – in Britain, 8 people were killed by arm chairs in 2002, do we really want guns in our homes?
    50 people were killed by guns in the UK in 2005/06 as opposed to 10,654 Americans in 2004.
    Handguns – illegal here – comprise about one-third of all firearms owned in the U.S. (65 million of 192 million total) but they are used in half of all homicides, approximately 80% of all firearm homicides, and 70% of all firearm suicides.
    Handguns account for 77% of all traced guns used in crime.

    You know the old saying about the most dangerous thing in a car being the nut at the wheel…? That’s the Brit take on guns

    I do understand the protection argument but then, if that’s the case, how come more of these sickos don’t get shot by the people they attack in the malls and schools they go mad in – surely they’re not ALL gun free zones. I don’t even recall them getting shot at by passers by rushing in to try and help. As I understand it, they tend to die by their own hand or that of the police so… is the protection working?

    I hope you won’t take this comment the wrong way, I just thought that as someone who lives in a world which is pretty much gun-free I’d share the opposite view with you!



  2. chirchi965 Says:

    good points.. ^_^

  3. damewiggy Says:

    Combine them all and it would make for one hell of a Lifetime movie.

    p.s. Beware China’s toothpaste. They’re trying to kill us but good.


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