sunrise… sunset and the we in between

You know, the cool thing about being on this planet is the fact that we can share things with each other no matter what part of the world we happen to be in.  Like Elvis, the Beatles or Rocky… these names travel without us and bring the same image to mind.  Poor, unknown southern boy becomes King of Rock and Roll,  4 lads from Liverpool conquer America and the world, 2nd rate boxer gets his shot and becomes heavyweight champion… oops, that last one was in a movie.   But the point is, we share images no matter what our walk of life.

I was in Key West a while back just taking in the sights when someone mentioned the “sunset festival”.  We were feeling pretty good about ourselves so we made the trek from old town down to the water to see what all the fuss was about.  There were hundreds of people milling about watching street performers, making the vendors cash boxes ring and obviously waiting for some main event.  We stood on those large patio stones like we were searching for a downtown bus when everyone’s attention turned towards the west to watch the sun go down.  And just for a moment we all were silent, sharing something beautiful… a fiery gem dipping itself into the cooling vat known as the Gulf of Mexico.  

Right around the same time my love and I went on a little cruise to the Bahamas.  We slept out on the deck of our vessel and watched millions of silver blue glitter paint speckles stretch across the night sky canvas.  Later as she slept, I watched the full moon sizzlin’ like an Alka Seltzer as it dropped into a glass that was the Atlantic Ocean.  Minutes later the lazy sun arose from his bed at the opposite horizon and I marvelled at it’s brilliant tardiness.

I recall one hazy morning in S.W. Florida while driving to work disgusted at my nothingness I turned a casual gaze to that same golden medallion rising out over Route 80.  Low whispers of cloudy fingers split across the line that separates heaven from hell at the precise moment of his full extension making it appear as if there were two suns, one on top of the other and their union was glorious.

I can’t recall how many times I’ve been at the beach, sipping a glass of something appropriate and watched the life giver bid another fond adieu as he slipped to the other side of the world… while beachcombers, fishermen, friends, lovers and strangers all stared in awe.

What a gift we share… this life.  And whether you hail from the United Kingdom, S.W. Florida, Montana, Australia, Singapore or somewhere in between… as we watch that same sun retire, look up and wonder at that same moon together… you have to admit it is inspiring in any language. 

Watch for it tonight, wait for it tomorrow… tell me what you think,  I’m ready to listen.



9 Responses to “sunrise… sunset and the we in between”

  1. NomDebPlume Says:

    You are a gifted writer. I felt as though I was beneath a blanket of stars for a moment…

    I am often ‘disgusted by my nothingness’ as well, but somehow, staring up at the moon and all that surrounds it helps me remember that the One who put it there is the same One who cares about me, personally. That blows my mind… and tends to quell my disgust 🙂

    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your insightful comment,


  2. damewigginsoflee Says:

    Mmmmmm, key west — lovely visuals, and so well translated.

    Pretty post. And now i crave sand, sweat, salt, sunny sets and things that smell and taste like coconuts.

  3. Yabo Says:

    You make me homesick man. I am from Florida and I find myself missing the air down there. There is just something spiritual about being that close to water that I can’t get being so far inland. Thanks for the reminder of days in the sun.

  4. chirchi965 Says:

    Like I said you def have a way with words. I was lucky enough to travel many places and see the sunrise and set. Just sitting here and trying remember the places and how fascinated I was just staring at the horizon. Thanks, it has brought wonderful memories.

  5. babychaos Says:

    Great post!

    There is a thing the South Africans call “sundowners”. If you visit the Cape, you’ll find that round about sunset people stop what they’re doing. People in cars pull off the coast road and park and then they all sit and chill for a minute or two as they watch the sun sink into the sea.

    I think it’s fantastic and should be adopted as a world wide custom.



  6. bridgetmarie Says:

    Great post! It makes me miss and want to go back to the beach….Thanks for dropping by my site, I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  7. freevolition Says:

    Lovely verbal visuals. The words should be read to those that have no sight so that they, too, may experience the awesome experience of a sunrise or a sunset. And if one were able to able the warmth of the rising sun or the cool waft of evening air upon an upturned face, all the better.

  8. seamonster02 Says:

    I have to agree with you on Key West, the sunsets, sunrises, and all the wonderful reasons I moved to Florida. Key West’s water is so crystal clear -a far cry from the muddy Mississippi (though, granted, it can be pretty too). We went snorkeling down off Key West a few years back – about 7 miles out to a reef. It was truly awesome. Every time I think I should start thinking about moving back home, I go to the beach and realize I can’t leave – Florida is now home. K

  9. Paul Says:

    Elsinore, Denmark. Fall, 2006.

    Day after day ‘Biell’ and I went down to the sands, seeing the swallows go and the last human visitors depart. I sat at high spring tide alone on the rocks in the westering sunlight, while the waves hung their golden fleeces on the rocks. At low tide I lay in the declining warmth of late September in the dry loose upper sand, empty, truthful, free. But ever the shadow of the headland was lengthening on the afternoon sands, and when the golden brow was gone behind its massive lenght a melancholy as dark as the headland’s shadows fell upon me. It was as thought I were the last human creature on an abandoned hearth. Many times I searched the skyline, almost in desesperation, for a figure walking there who would wave an arm and come to my side, and be with me always. The buzzards soared in the sunset; the gulls returned to their cliff ledges, flying silently in formation; the white owls fanned over the mice-runs in the stubble. Fire lit, blanket fixed, dog content, voices of my neighbors raised in shout and counter-shout; the ‘Harley’ standindg against the wall, red summer dust thick on frame and wheels; so the day and weeks passed, from autumm into winter. Here was I, and that was all.


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