Hello Hillary

Hello Hillary,

          Just a quick note to say hi and ask how the impeachment plans are coming.  Things seem a little rough around Washington these days, what with the demonstrations and the call for those Republicans to step down.  Makes me wonder who is running things in the White House now and what the Democrats plan to do to make it better.

          I am not really a news watcher but I have been getting in on some of the commentary programs on Sunday morning, things don’t look too good.  I guess when the Democrats took over control they didn’t tell us that clear thinking might get caught in the mix.

          I for one was never for the war in Iraq when we learned much of the information we based the attack on was either fabricated or exaggerated, but now I wonder if setting a timetable for our “dignified retreat” is such a good idea.  Oh, I know I’m probably going to get yelled at by the extreme left but let’s look at it logically. 

          Since the war in Iraq there have been no attacks on American soil by terrorists.  Our heightened awareness on that possibility is made ever more acute by the fact that there are still  plenty of insurgents left to fight “over there”.  So… if we weren’t fighting them there we might be fighting them here.  Some claim that is fairly lame logic and that we should pull back and see, but the mobilization of troops and equipment takes careful planning and time.  We might not have that much time  in the future.

          Also setting a timetable just goes against the grain of good reasoning.  Imagine you were the police force looking for a criminal.  Would you set a timetable for his capture? 


           Elmer Fudd:  “We’re gonna catch that wascally wabbit by sundown!  hahahaha”

           Andy of Mayberry:  “We’ll throw him in the jail cell and throw away the key…  once we find the key, that is.”

           Barney Fife:  “Gee, Andy… what if we don’t catch him by sundown?  What if he just lays low until tomorrow and then starts his high jinx all over again?”

           Officer Obee:  “Ain’t no criminal that smart!”

           Gomer Pyle:  “Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!  I’ll bet this one is!”

           Opie:  “Say, Pa… tomorrow when you haven’t caught the bad guy, can we go fishin’?”

         Andy of Mayberry: “Sure, Ope… let’s practice up on our whistlin’ ”

They all go whistlin’ the theme to The Andy Griffith Show and head off into the sunset…


           Perhaps we think terrorists aren’t that smart, either.

           Hope all is well with the campaign.


John Q. Citizen



2 Responses to “Hello Hillary”

  1. Shira Says:

    Great Post :0) Glad I live in Canada!



  2. morebeans Says:

    I have been wondering, with Bush saying that he will veto the Senate war deadline bill, can we impeach him? For not serving the interests of the country and the people who elected him? hmm…..

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