the definitive 200?

Just when you think it is safe to assume that the top albums of all time have been listed and laid to rest, along comes another poll.  The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and N.A.R.M  (National Association of Recording Merchandisers,  no wonder!) got together and announced their choice of the 200 albums EVERYONE should have in their collection.  Sounded like a marketing ploy to me but I bit on it and checked out the web site at:  just to see where my tastes came in amongst the “experts” choices.  As I have written before, I hate best of lists… and this one smacks of boosting sagging sales and political correctness but I have nothing else to do today so here goes my critique,  tongue placed firmly in cheek…  (hey, that rhymed!)

#77  Johnny Cash… At Folsom Prison 

A good choice for anyone wanting to get into the charisma of the man, some good tunes, and perhaps a turning point in his career, but not his best effort.  If I were to put together a time capsule of unlimited choices to be opened a hundred years from now this one would make the journey, but not as the single representative it is here.

#1  The Beatles…   Sgt. Pepper

No surprise here but #2 was! 

#2  Pink Floyd…   Dark Side of the Moon. 

A great album and always at the top of anyone’s list, this collection continues to be fresh every time I hear it.  Some music is period piece but not this album, it’ll rock on for decades to come,  In fact, that time capsule I spoke about?  Future rockers will already have this album burned in their brain disc,  ( a future apparatus that will require no outside gadgetry but will be embedded directly into the brain and controlled by thought) and wonder why it is in a time capsule in the first place.

#7  Carole King… Tapestry

“I feel the earth move… under my feet.”  But I don’t think this album should rank over Bob Dylan’s early efforts.  His first five albums should easily rank ahead of this one, though I do have this and love it.

#22  The Who… Who’s Next

Can you believe it?  Twenty-one albums proceeding this one?  easily a top ten but NO!

#97  Celine Dion… Falling Into You.

Okay, now here is where we get ridiculous!  She has a definitive voice, no doubt, but rank her over John Lennon’s… Imagine?  (#144)  or Bob Dylan’s…  Bringing It All Back Home?  (#195) and no mention of Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton or Linda Ronstadt?  But hey, I see at least 3 albums by the Dixie Chicks!  and Beyonce’? please!  Tu Pac?  Eminem?  Now where are we headed here?  This is a commercial effort to say the least and it gets worse!

No Moody Blues, no Steve Miller Band, no Alan Parson’s Project, no music by The Band? No Cream, Jefferson Airplane, or Bryan Adams?   AND NO ROY ORBISON?  and of course, no Jesse Winchester.

 Is there any wonder that these best of lists SUCK? 

But check it out for yourselves,  I know there are some glaring omissions that I have overlooked and I would love to hear your take on this “definitive” list…

but I only had a few minutes here before I smashed my 32″ monitor in disgust.



10 Responses to “the definitive 200?”

  1. perry Says:

    I think there are so many number 1’s that there no where to begin.
    Sgt. Pepper is surely one of them tho I feel the White Album is above it. I rember sitting in my brothers room playing it over and over on the record player.
    Neil Young w/ Crazy Horse- Every One Knows This Is Nowhere-Van Morrison,A Night In San Francisco. And on and on and on. Your right! Where are the Moody Blues???????
    Dark Side Of The Moon- a best seller( of course thats why it’s listed) but not as good as many of the others they did.
    Where is Iron Butterfly- Inagodofdivda? ( I still listen to to on my MP3) Dr. Hook-Annie Lenox- Creedence Clear Water Revival-Alman Bros-Jone Osborne-Bambi Lee Savage-K.D. Lang & many more.
    Why Johnny Cash? He’s rock and roll? If so why not Bonnie Raitt-John Lee Hooker- BB King-Luther Allison-John Prine-Terry Allen.
    Celine Dion, Did she do the sound track for Hump Back Mountain?

  2. damewigginsoflee Says:

    Celine Dion??? Oh god no, please, just stick razor sharp skewers in my ears and deafen me now. The humanity.

    And I can’t respect any list that disses Up On Cripple Creek.

  3. chrisfiore5 Says:

    thanks perry, I knew there were scads of artists out there I was overlooking.

    By the way, thanks for turning me on to the Amazing Juggling Finale, I’ve watched it several times already.


  4. Mandy! Says:

    Just pointing out that Dave Matthews Band was at #48. =)

    Iowa is finally warming up again, hope to see you back soon. That or talk Perry into taking a family vacation, we could all use some sun!!

  5. babychaos Says:

    Shakira? She’s got a great voice but they phlange it to keep her in tune and they do it so much you can hear it.

    I think this says more about the people who voted than the artists. I remember them doing this in the mid 80s and being irate because neither Pink Floyd nor Sgt Pepper were in the top five.

    Two missing… no three missing

    No Sham 69? No Stranglers? No Sex Pistols?

    No FOUR missing, where’s the 1960s Neil Diamond stuff – surely the Brother Love album could get a look in? It’s a sod of a lot better than blummin’ Celine Dion.

  6. babychaos Says:

    Ok, they did get Green Day and the Clash though… and George Harrison… and John Lennon so I guess I can give em a bit of slack.



  7. Roberta Lipp Says:

    Yeah, these lists never work for me. AJA at 191… but at least it shows. But Dixie Chicks beating Joni Mitchell’s Blue? And where’s the love for There Goes Rhymin’ Simon? or Ram? (Is Ram just me? Maybe Ram is just me…)
    Plus, we now have movie soundtracks, but I know for sure that the original broadway cast recording of West Side Story was a huge seller as far as popular music went, and is an outstanding album. It’s all waaay to subjective to not piss people off.
    (But the AFI top whatever film lists seem to satisfy.)

  8. pistolpete Says:

    Lists are made to be debated, so I’ll offer my 2 cents. I certainly think both Kris Kristopherson & John Prine (probably their introductory albums) should have made the top 100. They both redefined songwriting in ways that musicians from all genres can still only partially grasp. How about removing “The Stranger” by Billy Joel & “Dirty Dancing Soundtrack”?

  9. eBaywatchings Says:


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  10. johnny cash fan Says:

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