Amazing Juggling Finale

Amazing Juggling Finale

   .amazing indeed! and the soundtrack ain’t bad either!

often imitated… never equalled.  enjoy!


4 Responses to “Amazing Juggling Finale”

  1. Julio Irles Says:

    I agree with you at 100%


  2. chrisfiore5 Says:

    thanks julio, glad you enjoyed it!


  3. babychaos Says:

    Blimey! Another cracker!

    That was brilliant and another song from you with an astral score on the the BC pick-me-up-o-meter! I have just had to go reconnect the record player and dig Abbey Road out of my “precious things” box. Oh yes!

    Once again! I thank you!



    BTW As a nipper in my 20s I used to cross that zebra crossing every day on the way to get the tube to work. Ah those were the days.

  4. The Embarrassment Gnomes Strike and the Beatles make BC happy… again. « Random thoughts consigned to the scrap heap of cyberspace Says:

    […] it was almost prescient that there should be a post on Chrisfiore’s blog which featured this music on the morning of the day I found this out.  So I was already prepared and already listening to […]

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