Hello Hillary

          I know it has been awhile since I have last written and I apologize for that, just been caught up in the day to day thing… nothin’ personal.

          So how is the campaign coming?  I got an e-mail from Bill the other day asking me for a donation to your election fund, he says it would be an ideal way to show the country how your supporters could rally and produce one million dollars in one week… and you know, I really thought about it.  Why not take this motivational thing a step further?

          If these same people would donate to the cause of curing cancer, AIDS or stem cell research, imagine what an impact that would have!  Or Katrina/disaster relief?  shucks, we’d really have to take notice then.  Perhaps even violence/abuse against women, or children?  I’ll bet that would really impress people.  Let’s lead the charge against illiteracy in the United States or give support to Habitat for Humanity.  One million dollars in one weeks time to help combat hunger in the U.S.  Wow, if you could motivate people in that direction, you’d succeed where other politicians just promise to do something, wouldn’t that be ironic? 

          I guess what I’m trying to say is this:  if you are going to try to motivate people, why not try to motivate them into doing something for the common good?  That way you’d really have something to hang your hat on… actually accomplishing something by using your influence now rather than on the assumption that things will get better for America in the future because you say so.

          Hey, just a thought.

          Hope this finds you well, say hi to Obama for me.


John Q. Citizen


2 Responses to “Hello Hillary”

  1. Julio Irles Says:

    Brilliant thought!

  2. chrisfiore5 Says:

    thanks, julio… imagine the possibilities!


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