na na na na na na…   na na,  you say it’s your birthday!

 I’ve written about birthdays before,  yesterday was mine.  Not really that big a deal when you think about it.  All you accomplish is getting another year older,  but it is like getting credit for something that you didn’t have that much to do with in the first place, I mean… all you have to do is survive, right?  

Yesterday morning I woke up at the usual time and got myself ready to go to work, then decided the world would have to get along with out me for a day.  I went to my usual spot for hot tea, but lingered for a while reading the newspaper.  By 7 a.m. I had my truck down at the dealer’s to be serviced, from there I made it to get a haircut at 9.  Breakfast and more newspaper reading arrived by 10:30 and I made it to the bank before noon.  All that activity and intermingling with people I see all the time and nobody figured out it was my birthday, which kinda made me feel insignificant.

You don’t control when or where you are born, your social status or what the circumstances were surrounding your inception… you just sorta burst on the scene, cry and gasp for air then take all the credit from here on out.  You don’t have a say in being born black or white, rich or poor, good looking or ugly.  Yet we move through this life like we are calling all the shots and owe it all to ourselves… weird. 

 But birthdays are good for reflection:  when you are younger…  say around 2, the big accomplishments are in the bag… you walk, talk and are pretty much potty trained.  By 5 you have probably aced day care and moved on to public school.  10 is a big deal because your age is no longer confined to single digits and at 13 you are no longer a “little” kid.  But it is rare that a person at 13 thinks back to the days of being 5 years old, though only eight years have passed.  Another 8 years and you’re 21,  and usually glad those years early on into adulthood have passed.  Eight more years and you are approaching the Big 3-0 and your life seems to be passing you by.  By the time you hit 40 you think you have it all figured out but by 50 you begin to question your very existence and your life’s accomplishments.  Gee, birthdays are kind of a bummer…

I guess one shouldn’t put such emphasis on birthdays unless they feel they need some support or acknowledgment for a job well done; something like, “Hey Joe!  it’s your birthday!  congratulations!”  But I wonder if as we plod along for another year of life that birthdays should really be viewed as milestones, maybe our successes and failures, our goals and achievements would be a better gage of a meaningful life.  After all, what is the big deal of reaching 99 if all you did was whittle away on the front porch rocking chair?

Baseball pitching great Satchel Page allegedly once said, “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?” and I think that is a great philosophy.  Our age shouldn’t be a barrier or a means of gaging our self worth.  Birthdays are merely a means of marking time. 

Life is good… birthdays are so-so.

But thanks for the well wishes from those of you who knew, and as for the rest of the world?  glad to share this space with you a little while longer…



19 Responses to “birthdays”

  1. michael Says:

    hi, speaking of birthdays (kinda) thanks for the congratulatory comment on my blog.

    btw – i think much of what you said is right but at least your birthday has given you pause to stop and think about it a bit.


  2. angelic Says:

    That is so true, that birthdays don’t really mean much except that the earth from the day ‘we’ started on it has gone around one full loop and that if we had no concept of age we’d never really have to worry about getting old because the concept of time we have no say over anyway.

    I do think birthdays are important no matter how meaningless, I am sorry that no one knew it was your birthday and it sounded like you spent it alone so from me “Happy Birthday’. Everyone needs some recognition and to stand out for 24 hours at least once a year.
    I myself let my 16th birthday slip by without anyone noticing, I felt pretty lonely and forgotten but that was my mistake so I know how you feel.

    Once again Happy Birthday.
    (Thanks for the comment on my blog)

    Cheers mate

  3. taraden Says:

    Well, happy [belated] birthday. It is a great day to reflect on accomplishments and mistakes that have been made over the year. For me, my birthday has always been a quiet day…. usually for myself. It jsut seems to always end up that way. 😀

  4. Cyndi Says:


    I tried to call you on your day and got your voicemail. Did you get my messsage? I hope Annette did something special for you. You know you are always in my thoughts and prayers.

    Love, Cyndi

  5. chrisfiore5 Says:

    thanks for the well wishin’, I really wasn’t fishin’ but since ya’ll put it that way…

    na na na na na na… na na, you say it’s your birthday! na na na na na na… na na, it’s my birthday, too, yeah! na na na na na na… na na, you say it’s your birthday! na na na na na na… na na, we’re gonna have a good time! na na na na na na… na na, I’m glad it’s your birthday! na na na na na na… na na, happy birthday to you!

  6. inbetweengirl Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! They may just mark time but they can also be really fun. Hope yours was!

  7. it's in your underneath Says:

    Happy Belated birthday! Hope ya had some fun and ate a big ole slab ‘o cake!

  8. jessica Says:

    Thanks for stopping by and happy belated birthday! “you begin to question your very existence and your life’s accomplishments.” According to this analysis I have been acting like a 50-year-old since I turned 12!

  9. chrisfiore5 Says:

    hello jessica,

    I guess we all have been doing that, I could have stretched it further but you get the point.

    thanks for the well wishes!


  10. freevolition Says:

    So, early 50’s? Am I close?

  11. freevolition Says:

    By the way, happy belated birthday! 🙂 Not too long behind my husband’s birthday, which was on the 6th.

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