72 degrees in January (global warming?)

Global warming?   Buffalo, New York.  72 degrees in January, record breaking warm temperatures in the winter of ’06… does this spell the end of the world as we know it?  Gosh,  if I knew all that would would I still be here?

I read a book by Michael Crichton (you know, the Jurassic Park guy) called ‘State of Fear’ which talked about the polluting of the earth, global warming and politics, among other things.  Of course it is just a work of fiction but had some very interesting scientific facts thrown in for good measure.  I won’t spoil the story but I’d recommend it for the casual reader if for no other reason than to get the flip side of the concerns over the “end of the world”.

Not to say that pollution is not real, or a concern or that we aren’t feeling the effects in our every day lives… because we are without a doubt.  A new report by the UN confirms it, the earth is experiencing global warming and will feel the effects for centuries.  There is nothing we can do about it, the damage is done.  Bummer.

On a lighter note, they say the ground hog didn’t see his shadow and so that means an early spring.  I don’t know why that is so interesting to some, but apparently we have been predicting warm and cold cycles for quite some time.  We have even been observing the animals to try and get a “leg up” on future weather conditions.  Are these predictions accurate?  Sometimes… but one thing I do know, predicted outcomes sometimes take a twist that we did not expect. 

In 2004 we had a rash of hurricane activity here in Florida and the Gulf Coast.  Interestingly enough, one web site I surfed through recently claims the  path those hurricanes took were primarily through Republican counties, leaving the minor Democrat counties untouched, like God was punishing Florida Republicans.  Or hurricanes are registered Democrats.  I haven’t quite absorbed that one yet.  2005 brought Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.  More trouble for the Republicans.  Predictions for 2006 said more devastation was on the way… but it never happened.  What are they saying about 2007?  More predictions of bad conditions.  But it has been called “hurricane season” for some time now, fairly easy to say there may be some activity…  how severe is another question.

But getting back to the global warming scenario, it is not hard to see the effects of man polluting the earth but you also have to wonder… just how much is really man made?  I remember in school we used to talk about the polar ice caps growing and receding, growing and receding…  I think they call it a paradigm shift.  Anyway,  back in the days when the glaciers ruled the earth there wasn’t any pollution causing this phenomenon, it was just the way things happened.  Couldn’t blame it on mankind because we hadn’t invented combustible engines yet, or the wheel… or the calendar, … or the embryo, for that matter. Hard to say exactly when those things happened or why, we can only speculate.

The earth is a living organism, we have to adapt to it…  not the other way around.  Like any living thing, if it is invaded, infected or polluted it will either absorb, reject or destroy the particle(s) that disrupted it.  Now we discover that we are the infectious disease,  the earth could get along fine without us and is attempting to overcome the human element that thinks he has control.

It was 72 degrees in Florida last January, but we didn’t complain about it much.  They say the winter here was warmer than usual but again, what can you do?  Learn to live with it.  It is kinda like the chip in a fine piece of china, it’ll still look nice and function just as well but we’ll always prefer the piece whole and perfect.   We’ll rub our lip and tongue over the spot or caress it lightly with our thumb and think, “What a shame, such a lovely piece… too bad it was treated so thoughtlessly.” 

Mother Earth must be viewed the same way.



2 Responses to “72 degrees in January (global warming?)”

  1. freevolition Says:

    I never have been convinced that humans are the cause of global warming. It has happened before (in the 30’s, for certain) and will happen again. Cyclic climate changes have been taking place on this planet for eons, long before the industrialized world ever existed. I once watched a program on the discovery channel some time ago that demonstrated how much elephants impacted their environment. They are capable of pushing mature trees over to eat the leaves, and will gradually change forested areas into savannahs. Perhaps we should get rid of all elephants if they are so detrimental to the environment! Wonder what Greenpeace would think of that?! *Hopefully you see my tongue in cheek here* If we could magically remove all human life from the planet at this very moment, I still believe the earth would continue to go through these dramatic climate changes. After all, the planet is still emerging from an ice age.

    With my curiosity aroused I decided to do some searching to see what I could find out and it led me to some pretty interesting conclusions. Take a look at James Spann’s weather blog here –> http://www.jamesspann.com/wordpress/?p=650 These comments are coming from a meteorologist that happens to not agree with all the global warming hype so prevalant today. And he is not alone in this stance! I invite you to also listen to the WeatherBrains episodes found linked there. Maybe even do some further digging on your own.

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi has announced the formation of a Global Warming committee. Just how many committee members will be jumping on this ‘bandwagon’ and how many tax dollars will be allocated is not known (to me) yet. What a win-win situation! It’s a popular cause (everyone wants to ‘save the planet’ and all the media hype has the public primed for it) and an ideal way to place cronies into a cushy paying position! And what about Al Gore? How many dollars have been transferred to his account during his ‘battle’ against global warming, a natural event that will occur in spite of any human intervention?

    Well, like the old adage says… just follow the money trail.

  2. chrisfiore5 Says:

    hello freevolition,

    Interesting addition to my weather vein. I am pleased that I somehow inspired you (just a little?) to dig deeper into this subject. Read Crichton’s book, even if you don’t care for fiction you’ll enjoy the facts dispersed throughout the story.

    thanks again for the information, and the visit…


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