Hello Hillary

          How has your week been?  Fine I hope.  We have all been good, except for the tornadoes that touched down in central Florida recently.  It seems as of late Florida’s weather has been pretty extreme and I wonder how many candidates will take this disaster as their next photo opp.

          Speaking of the weather, have you heard about the UN report on global warming?  According to what I have read, they say the damage is done and there is nothing that can be changed to reverse it for the next couple of hundred years, which seems bad to me.

          I remember the astronauts back in the sixties commenting on the pollution they could see from outer space, saying “We are fouling up our own nest.”  Guess they should have done something about it then but, hmmm… weren’t they talking about it back then, too?

           So now, as the next president… how would you react to this prediction of world calamity?  Granted there are measures in place to continue to reduce pollution and try to minimize the effects on future generations, but if the damage is real and irreversible we can no longer talk about what to do to change it.  Now we need to know how to live with it. 

          Any suggestions?


                                    John Q. Citizen       


2 Responses to “Hello Hillary”

  1. Supremedisarray Says:

    Just a question on your subhead. Do free and radical go together?

  2. Supremedisarray Says:

    Bad English wasn’t the point. I was just reading too much into it, I guess.

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