Hello Hillary

Hello Hillary,

          It has been a week since we last corresponded, how have you been?

          First let me congratulate you on your Conversation with America effort earlier this week.  It is a thrilling time we live in!  To actually converse with a presidential candidate while in my pjs and in my own study is truly remarkable.  I think the use of the internet is critical in the coming elections and a modern tool that will change how we do things in this new millennium for years to come.

          How was your trip to Iowa?  Being an Iowa native I know how the people there are down to earth and hospitable.  I am also aware that they voted for Bill twice back in the 90’s, which is remarkable since Iowans generally lean towards the Republican side here of late.  But I also know this, Iowans are a no nonsense group.  You have to have a better angle than “It is time for a change” because we know that any “change” is not necessarily a good thing.  For example: if you are tired of rain, snow may not be the change you are looking for…

          I liked the fact that you are a romantic, I know this because you talked about your favorite movies on the first night of your “chat”.  I can also appreciate your love for the outdoors and walks with Bill in the ol’ neighborhood.  You are from the mid-west and share a prospective that we all share of building a better America from the inside out.   I like the fact that you believe we should be leaders by desire and not by force.   Over all, I’d say we have some basic things in common, but…

          I am not running for president.

          One thing you spoke of was America becoming energy self reliant.  How would you proceed along those lines?  For over 30 years we have struggled with the issue of foreign oil and those governments dictating how much we pay for that commodity.  As a consumer who has been disillusioned by the current administrations “open up the spigot” remark during their first campaign, what plan do you have right now to start us towards this lofty goal and keep America independent of foreign oil?   Please don’t try to “snow” us…

          Look forward to hearing from you soon!

           John Q. Public

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