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people in the No

January 27, 2007

Do the people “in the know” really know more than you and I?  You would think that if they are “in the know” that things would be just a little bit better for them.   Take for instance, Donald Trump.  I watched him the other night on David Letterman (way past my bed time) and I was disappointed that Dave didn’t ask him the question that has to be on everyone’s mind.   Of course I’m referring to The Donald’s comb over.  I mean, if you are a gazillionaire couldn’t he afford implants?  Or better still, find a cure for male pattern baldness?  Surely he has enough money to sponsor a hefty grant on the subject.  What a break through that would be and a better legacy than the Trump Towers, the Miss (I wonder what happened behind those closed doors) U.S.A.  pagent or the War of the Rosie.  But no…

Then there is President Bush’s sole veto of the stem cell research bill.  He based his decision on moral principles.  So you gotta wonder… since Californians passed the Proposition 71 bill in their state backing the research, does that mean the state is full of immoral, godless individuals who don’t know better? Are they all ignorant and going to Hell?  “People in the know” are anxiously watching the out come.  And if the research comes to fruitation and cures for diseases are forth coming, will people be compromising their immortal soul just to prolong life here on earth for a few short years?  Bummer.

Recently, shock of all shocks… gas prices started coming down.  They said it was because of a warm winter and people weren’t buying as much heating oil.  Okay, I’ll buy that, supply and demand.  But then the United States announces, “Hey!  Oil being so low right now we are going to double our reserves!”  Then guess what happens?  Oil prices per barrel jumped up to the highest single day total since 9/11 and gas prices are expected to go up!  Now wouldn’t “people in the know” know better?  Why couldn’t we have just snuck a couple of extra barrels in here and there without calling all that attention to ourselves?  Oh, by the way… now that winter has “officially” made its entrance (i.e. it is cold)  they are predicting a fuel oil shortage.  Oh no…

Those rascally Californians are at it again!  There has always been a serious debate on whether parents should “spank” their children but now this Assemblywoman has taken it a step further.  She is introducing a bill that says if you spank a child under 3 you should be fined and possibly go to jail.  “People in the know” say it is out and out abuse, that these parents should be punished whether it is a public or private practice.  They advocate better ways to discipline the child rather then using “violence”.  Of course, violence in any form is unacceptable when it is thrust upon a child.  But according to the Bible whom God loves He disciplines.  Physical punishment has been accorded to the amount of love a parent has for a child.  So it is not the “violence” that is improper but the degree of love that is implied with the punishment.  A 3 year would respond more favorably to a “spanking” then a 13 year old.  According to the Bible a parent could actually be “dispising” their child if the discipline is not administered.  We are also told that if a child is administered a “spanking” tempered with love, he will not die from it.  As many spoiled children that I witness out there in the world it is obvious that parents either don’t “spank” enough or don’t care.  You can’t reason with a 3 year old, they don’t have the experience or education a young adult has.  “People in the know” should know this and I think God knows best.

And now we find out what “people in the know” did or didn’t know about the events leading up to the war in Iraq.  There is a protest in Washington D. C. over our foreign policy and our involvement in that war.  All kinds of things are coming out now;  how Bush misused the facts, how Cheney fabricated information and manipulated the press, and etc.  “People in the know” are now saying they were duped, misled or just plain lied to and we should have known better.  Well folks, consider this… no one is exempt from blame as long as we allow this stuff to go on.  Before we elect anybody we should ask ourselves “what are “people in the know” saying about this individual?”  If it is too good to be true, it probably is and remember this… they only tell you what they want you to know. 

We should “NO” better.    peace.