Hello Hillary

Hello Hillary,

          I am intrigued by your comments on your web site and am not opposed to a woman president in the white house.  I know that many a successful president had the backing of a good woman.  Your knowledge and experience makes your candidacy truly unique.  I applaud your decision and wish you the greatest success.

          I would have one question… what would you do about the illegal immigrant situation?  Most Americans polled do not think it is a good idea to grant amnesty to law breakers and then consider them good citizens.  To have paid into Social Security for 40-50 years and then give it to someone who is not entitled to it irks a majority of Americans.  Then to say immigrants are entitled to past benefits while working here illegally seems absurd.  We see it as a ploy to garnish votes at the expense of the American taxpayer.

          What do YOU think?


                            John Q. Public


One Response to “Hello Hillary”

  1. Sonja Says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    I just thought I’d throw in my own two cents about the illegal immigrant problem. I live in southern California where the problem is rampant. I totally support action on future immigrants entering the country. However, I don’t think it is practical or wise to deport all the current illegals.
    While it is true that some do not pay taxes and take advantage of public services, there are many, many who have multiple jobs to make ends meet for their families and pay taxes at both jobs. I am personally acquainted with several people in that position. They work very hard and are family oriented. Plus, let’s face it, the hypocrites who have businesses that survive only by the cheap labor of poor immigrants would never let this deportation happen. They like the fact that not only is the labor cheap, but they don’t have to provide benefits. That’s why we have this problem to begin with, greed on the part of businesses – if there were no jobs, there would be no applicants.

    So now that they are here, I am all for Schwarzenegger’s plan to provide health insurance for all, including illegals, by either requiring employers to provide it or pay into a fund, for this reason: no population lives in a vacuum. If one group gets sick (i.e. contagious disease) the other group will get it too. It is stupid to deny health care to sick illegals when treatment and prevention will benefit the citizens too. Also, I would much rather chip in for an illegal immigrant’s prenatal care than for a lifetime of expensive care due to birth defects or poor prenatal care.

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