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Hello Hillary

January 21, 2007

Hello Hillary,

          I am intrigued by your comments on your web site and am not opposed to a woman president in the white house.  I know that many a successful president had the backing of a good woman.  Your knowledge and experience makes your candidacy truly unique.  I applaud your decision and wish you the greatest success.

          I would have one question… what would you do about the illegal immigrant situation?  Most Americans polled do not think it is a good idea to grant amnesty to law breakers and then consider them good citizens.  To have paid into Social Security for 40-50 years and then give it to someone who is not entitled to it irks a majority of Americans.  Then to say immigrants are entitled to past benefits while working here illegally seems absurd.  We see it as a ploy to garnish votes at the expense of the American taxpayer.

          What do YOU think?


                            John Q. Public