the good ol’ days

I got my first real six string

bought it at the five and dime,

played it ’til my fingers bled

was the summer of ’69.


Summer of ’69,  Bryan Adams


Oh, the good ol’ days!  Remember them?  The past treads lightly during our moments of blissful reminiscence and soulful reflection  …the winning was bigger, grander   … the love was deeper, more meaningful  …the mistakes less significant, easier to understand.  Maybe with the passage of enough time we can forgive ourselves for past sins, perhaps they loom larger and forgiveness never comes.  One thing is for certain… we cannot change one iota.  The past has indeed …passed.

It’s funny how one generation can look back with fondness at a time when there was political turmoil and an uncertain future.  Days that are etched with violent history recalled with whimsical affection.  Wars and economic crisis not withstanding, for those served as a backdrop to one finding love, truth or purpose in life.  Those problems were real yet with all that was known or unknown at the time that generation persevered in the basic fundamentals of the pursuit of happiness.

We can’t live in the past, but many have difficulty with the here and now.  Some even fear the future.  Me?  I try to be an optimist but it is not always easy.  To say there have always been wars,  financial collapse or love’s ruination would be turning a blind eye to the lessons we could have learned from such history.  Sometimes those past experiences can aid us, sometimes we foolishly blunder into the same consequences as our predecessors or worse… and sometimes we are hell bent to repeat the past come what may…  weird.


There once was a man named Finnegan

who boasted no jail cell could keep him in.

He broke out in time

then committed a crime,

now the jail cell he was out of he’s in again!


I wish I knew what makes people do the things they do, but then it wouldn’t change the fact that they are going to do them regardless.  I don’t know if that is human nature or just stubbornness, but we all have to stumble over the same stones as those that went before us.   Then as time goes on we look back in fondness to our own ineptness and lament, “The path was clearer then”… even  more weird.


Sometimes I get to thinkin’ that we’re almost done

and there ain’t nothin’ left that we can figure out,

and I guess it must have seemed alot more like that

back in the good ol’ days…

we’s in love with people that we hadn’t even met

out for anythin’ that we could get,

oh, we did it then and we’ll do it yet

back in the good ‘ol days.


Back in the Good Ol’ Days, from the album “Aeroplane” by John Hartford


Ofcourse there are precious memories galore and I don’t mean to sound like all those need be forgotten but really, we shouldn’t long for the past because it is like being “in love with people that we hadn’t even met”.  And like Billy Joel said, “you know the good ol’ days weren’t always good, tomorrow’s not as bad as it seems.” We make the future.  seriously.  Maybe we don’t make ourselves richer or better looking, but if we prepare for betterment it is bound to follow.  It is like waking up and thinking, “This is going to be a rotten day!” guess what? you are already primed to make it so,  #1.  But if you wake up, stretch, breathe deeply and say, “It is great to be alive!”  … you get the idea.  Not to say you won’t have problems because…  let’s face it, life is full of them.  But you are better suited to meet them with a more positive outlook than a negative one.

You know that song by Bryan Adams was released back in ’85 …  yet it was voted the best song to go cruisin’ with by young Canadians in 2006.  Totally weird…  a song about the past from the past being made current only to pass again!  Recycled rock anthems unite!

Who knows what the future holds?  Lets look forward with grit and gusto , shall we?  Maybe if the past does come around again we’ll be better suited for it.  

Like this old saying that I just made up goes,   “When I dream of the future my past is never present.” 



One Response to “the good ol’ days”

  1. babychaos Says:

    I’ll be very upset if punk comes round again, the first time I was too young and now I’m too old.


    Like your made up saying. Neat.



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