It’s New Years Day! (scroll back, ya varmints!)

Well, by now the eggnog is gone, the ripped wrapping and tinsel has been towed.   ‘Nam 67 is a video game that remains in your grandfather’s distant memory.    Bondage Barbie isn’t such a shock in the stocking as some might have thought.  Credit card debt has reached yultide proportions, the return lines are staggering and the sales make you wonder why you didn’t wait until AFTER the holidays to shop.   This blog has had 68 entries since its inception last May and what have we learned? 

AMRFP started out as a whim as most blogs do.  The first hurdle to over come was the title and what it would be about.  I have always been a believer of Karma, of what goes around comes around.   I root for the underdog and believe everyone should have the chance to be who they are unhindered.  In my mind a levelling of the playing field should never be an option, but a standard.  The advantages of mutual respect and fair play would be a clear conscience and a purpose without vendetta or selfish motive.  The reward would be finding like minded readers who have a sense of humor, share in the simple pleasures of life and don’t take themselves too seriously. 

Perhaps that is even one of you.

So without further ado… in reverse order, from the latest to the first… spanning the past 7 months.  Let us do a scroll down memory lane…


1)  the day before Christmas Eve. 

this is my most recent post and has garnished the most comments.  there has been an unconfirmed report that the young man lived.  We are still trying to find out for sure.  I’ll let you know.


2)  2006… more space idiocy

a recap of memorable events in 2006: the good, the bad, the ridiculous.


3)  nude clothiers

do clothes really make the man?  someone must have skipped a stitch.


4)  When I’m 64  (more or less)

a retrospective on the “new 40” market.


5)  the illegal immigration solution, part 2

scroll back to part 1 before reading.


6)  social insecurity

re-inventing the social system and it’s securities.


7)  sacred words sung to Beatles music

a sacrilege


8)  60 second sextillion

in the grand scheme of things you are more than a number


9)  Who should play OSU for the National title?

beat out by popular opinion, this time the computer had it right.


10)  twinkies

food for thought.


11)  new and improved is getting old

but where would we be without those catchy slogans?


12)  Michael Richards… and the hits just keep coming

still in the tabloids, you can’t buy that kind of publicity.


13)  get to know “The Road to Escondido”

a great release in 2006, thanks in part to my endorsement (thank you very much)


14)  prime time ugly and hidden camera chic

programming in the 21st century meets the age old problem of beauty and the obese.


15)  ’53 Studebaker goin’ for broke…

ready for that road trip.


16)  I don’t know where that came from…

and I still don’t, but it was fun gettin’ it.


17)  51%

a majority isn’t always a better majority.


18)  more pet peeves

no need to scroll back to the first “pet peeves” the list will never be complete.


19)  I don’t buy 49 bye byes

and I still don’t.


20)  stuck in Iraq with no clue  (with apologies to Stealers Wheel)

gosh I had fun with this one, but the timing wasn’t right…


21)  vacation in the mid-west and Iowa in particular

there is no place like home, each visit proves it.


22)  the illegal immigration solution, part 1

I really thought I’d get more hits on this one, maybe it is a mute point.


23)  this just in from way out there

synthetic foods are not for organic people, or is it synthetic people are not for organic foods?


24)  irrefutably 44th ave south

a fictional place where rebellion, ideals and music mesh, the result is mesmerizin’


25)  casting the first stone (… in defense of Mark Foley)

I don’t agree with his “politics” but then who is immune? we all need rehab…


26)  42

meet my friend Keith Woerner and imagine you are inquisitive.


27)  I was born a Ramblin’ Man  (where’s the Citgo?)

adding “fuel” to the fire.


28)  Life begins at WD40

a marquee that almost was.


29)  Lower Gas Prices is a Republican Ploy to Win in November?

just an assertion, but did you notice…  they didn’t win and gas prices are going back up?


30)  job approval

if only every evaluation was as easily thwarted.


31)  Sen. Ted Stevens verses the free and open Internet

didn’t get as many hits on this one as I thought I would, perhaps a tired subject but a worthwhile one.


32)  macaca caca

yep, I still think it is caca.


33)  Life Lesson #35… Common Courtesy

not as common as you would hope.


34)  Katherine Harris is my kind of man

this was tongue in cheek writing, I really have nothing against her.  you have to admire someone who knows she is right no matter what the polls say.


35)  I still miss George

George Harrison remembered.


36)  32 caliber docudrama

some things are just not acceptable.


37)  reality T.V. bit(e)s

but it seems I am in the minority here…


38)  death and taxes

a cold eventuality we all must share.


39)  February

who else writes about the coldest month of the year in August?


40)  the rock and roll conspiracy

I did more research on this subject than on any other, a formidable task indeed.


41)  you, me and the Man upstairs  (grandfathering Pluto)

Pluto is a dog, not a planet.


42)  surfin’ U.S.A. (an internet sing-a-long)

c’mon, you know the melody…


43)  a quarters worth of free advice

on best of lists and those who create them.


44)  the suave shower stall singer

an expose’ of yours truly, literally.


45)  the 23rd Blog

profound, 23 inserts along the “what if?” etc. doctrine


46)  catch 22

politics, pun intended.


47)  21 gun salute

insurance premiums and those that love ’em.


48)  blinded by foresight

government instigated morality is a sham.


49)  pet peeves

never enough, always added to…


50)  Repeal the Fuel Tax

I really thought this entry would have instigated a riot…


51)  God needs an hour with Dr. Phil

and twenty minutes with his wife, Robin.


52)  sweet 16

first love of my life.


53)  5-5-5

the good things in life.


54)  2 weeks

more pay for less work and more time to do it in.


55)  Baker’s Dozen

fossil rock lives on.


56)  Midnight

a sentimental favorite that is out of this world.


57)  Eleven Lords a-leaping

how to make Christmas a man’s holiday.


58)  a perfect 10

romance in the virtual world.


59)  #9

what would John Lennon do?


60)  pieces of eight

call me an unlucky creature.


61)  7-up

7 is the number of coincidence.


62)  six pack abs

exercising my right to criticize ala Dave Barry.


63)  cinco de juno

if it were up to me to set the holiday calendar.


64)  for play

work and play go hand and hand.


65)  3 times a lady

love is all you need.


66)  apart, too

making sense out of it all.


67)  in the begining

I believed every word that you said.  (still love that song!)


68)  Hello World!

and goodnight, Mrs Calabash… wherever you are!



***P. S.  I hope you have a great year in 2007.     peace.


13 Responses to “It’s New Years Day! (scroll back, ya varmints!)”

  1. landismom Says:

    Happy New Year! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. horsefan94 Says:

    I didnt quite get your comment but thanks for chekin it out.

  3. nivek Says:

    Have a great 007 !! Thanks for the hit

  4. ram1983 Says:

    thanks for stopping by my blog, and do visit again … happy 2007 ..

  5. Kitsune Says:

    Thanks for stopping by Little Heathen Fox chris. Happy New Year to you too!

  6. furseal Says:

    Thx for your stopping by, wish you have a great new year too. 🙂

  7. ludge Says:

    Happy New Year!!!

    Was nice to have your new year wishes posted on my blog.

  8. misstressm Says:

    Ha Ha….Gotta say I love your entry. Happy 07 to you as well

  9. sallyjo Says:

    Glad you stopped by. Will come here too.

  10. m4eva Says:

    Hello…wanna greet happy new year to you too…and may you have all the success that you want to achieve for 2007..all the best..

  11. HelloWorld Says:

    Peace people

    We love you

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