2006 … more space idiocy

Gee,  another Sunday.  Not much to write about today.  The news barometer on T.V.  says support of the war in Iraq is down but I understand the market is up, and that’s good.  Consumer confidence is up, but our security issues are seemingly not resolved meaning optimism for the future is down, and that’s bad.  Americans seem like looters after a major disaster, like after hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.  Remember seeing people stealing television sets while not having the electricity needed to plug them in?  Appeared idiotic to me, too much empty space between the ears.  Those individuals probably voted for the “N’ Awlins chocolate” Mayor Nagin, again.  But our mentality in the face of crisis is not always sound.  So this has been one of those good/bad years in 2006.  Guess you CAN have it both ways.

So what outstanding/disturbing events that happened in 2006  stand out in your mind?  Ofcourse, the sensational headlines are the usual attention grabbers… but lets do a stroll down memory lane… the good/bad in 2006.

The first thing I remember is the Super Bowl, or as most viewers saw it as a Super Rip-off, unless you were a Stealers fan.  I really had no preference, but I would have liked to have seen the greatest game of the season played without the Seahawks becoming the Seattle Albatrosses… officiating sucked worse in that game than in any I have witnessed,  and I know Pittsburg fans who have agreed with me…

Our solar system got a little smaller since the wise men axed Pluto.  Personally I didn’t see the harm in letting us stick with Plan 9 in outer space but when you are the smallest and the furthest away it is hard to garnish support, I guess.

Dick Chaney has a new job offer when he leaves the white house, as president of the NRA.  Remember ol’ trigger happy Dick?  only had a “few” beers…  good ol’ boy,  that one.

We found out the government has phone records on all of our conversations, which is kind of a bummer… invasion of privacy and all that.  Your next obscene phone call might be monitored.

We had the million immigration workers march, amazingly life pretty much went on… and your order at McDonalds was clearly understood.  Do you suppose INS noticed?  Probably not, I mean… thousands gathered together and nobody thought to card ’em?  a blown opportunity and another bummer.

We found out the nation can’t take a joke, botched or otherwise… and we found out what “macaca” means… and we didn’t get the joke or see any harm in it.

Mel Gibson meet Michael Richards.  Paris Hilton’s name shall not be mentioned here because she already gets too much coverage for being a bimbo and Britney… for gosh sakes cover up, yuck!

We reached 300 million people and didn’t have much ado about nothing.  G.W. Bush used his first veto in six years against stem cell research, he’s a real brainiac… ain’t he? I doubt he’ll be on the top of the list when we start duplicating remarkable people both past and present.  … not a bummer

It was a non-hurricane year here in Florida, but already they are saying don’t get complacent …  insurance rates need raising.  Warren Buffet gave away billions of dollars to charity, we could have used some of that here.  But gee, we still have the lottery.

Danish cartoons were the object of protest… I would guess those people are probably not much into The Far Side, either.

That Enron fella,  Kenneth Lay died before he could serve his debt to society.  My buddy Keith thinks that it was all a hoax, that Kenny is gettin’ his kicks on Route 66 or maybe in Costa Rica.  Keith is a conspiracy theorist.  He has a great idea for a book that I’m going to use someday because he won’t.

You know, there was all that political gay, gay political and religious stuff that happened but who really cares?  Nothing changes in government, just the perverts involved.  They have that fraternity thing going, and how about the financial rewards?  Did you know that a large portion of our tax dollars are spent for hundreds of thousands of dollars in retirement benefits per political figure for life?  It is said that if retiring politicians had to live on social security it would be fixed immediately.  It is a perversion of the governmental system.  We’ll talk more about that later…

We did get a new David Gilmour CD in 2006, and a new one by Paul Simon.  Proof that those with talent continue to create and entertain for the sheer joy of it.  I did see “Dead Man’s Chest” a few times and felt like a little kid again.  I went to Vegas and spent all my money so I must have had a good time.  Went back to Iowa in October and didn’t spend all that much but had an even better time.

So all in all… 2006?  you could have done better… but who am I to complain?  This blog started in 2006! 

…. a diamond in the rough perhaps?  naww 


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