the illegal immigration solution, part 2

 ***Please note:  as with every on going commentary, there is a beginning.  To better understand “the illegal immigration solution” it is advised that the reader scroll back and read Part 1 first. 

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7 billion dollars for a fence is no solution to the illegal immigration problem, it is a quick fix that has caused more controversy then comfort.  It is a situation that won’t be contained or repelled by chain link and barb wire. 

Mexico ranks 13th in the world’s economic climate.  13th!  Out of over 200 countries that puts it near the upper 5%!  Why are it’s citizens leaving?  Why are 63% of the children under 18 living in poverty?  In this 21st century, young people there cannot go to school and have to work, if they can find it.  Why does the United States care and take more responsibility than their own government?  We have given more aid and support to Mexico than any other country at any other time in our history.

Mexico produces more oil than Iraq and Kuwait, even more than Venezuela and Canada.  (2004 estimates) You would think a country with that kind of clout would have more resources for the betterment of it’s citizens.  But a corrupt government and a massive drug cartel holds it’s people hostage.

You can’t blame the poor, uneducated people for wanting a better life.  America has been the envy of the world and a border that is too easily crossed is no boundary at all.  But what if we put up the fence?  What if we threw the National Guard and its resources into border patrol rather than a losing proposition in Iraq?  Would the problem for the citizens of Mexico just go away? 

13 million oppressed people coming from one country should not be viewed as immigrants,  they are refugees.  There hasn’t been such an exodus since WWII.  The Mexican people love their country as much as we love ours, it is the political structure that hampers them.  With all the hoopla going on about the United Nations and one world government, why is there no intervention here? 

Obviously there is something wrong that the world, not just the U.S. needs to address. There should be a call to the Mexican government to account for such a travesty and betrayal of trust.

To be continued…


2 Responses to “the illegal immigration solution, part 2”

  1. Austin Says:

    I am pleased to see that you are not viewing Mexicans as illegals and moochers or vagrants. I’m getting really sick of hearing it said like that.
    the US has more to gain by NOT helping over there than it does to help over there. I think you make good points here.


  2. Asymmetric Says:

    The problems is that people see immigrants as being either good or bad when the answer is much more complicated.

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