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Who should play OSU for the National title?

December 3, 2006

I was struck by the accomplishment of USC this morning, despite their loss to UCLA yesterday.  To have played in 59 games and suffer only 4 losses is truly incredible,  a credit to the coaching staff and players.  I applaud the underdog, UCLA,  for pulling out a great upset.  Now the question is, who will face OSU in the National championship?  Michigan, with one loss ( against OSU) or Florida, with one loss ( against Auburn)?

Florida lost to Auburn early in the season (October) rallied to win the remainder of their games.   Michigan won all their games except the last one, ending their season with their only loss.  My computer says Michigan should play in the rematch because of their loss to #1 OSU.  Florida lost to #11 Auburn in October, who now finishes their season still ranked #11.   Besides, because of their loss USC will lose it’s #2 ranking.  It is doubtful Florida will jump from #4 to #2.  Michigan will move up from #3 to #2.  OSU #1 will play #2 Michigan.  Done deal.

In a perfect world, #1 would play #3 and #2 would play #4 and the winner of THOSE games would play for the National championship, but then the argument has been that these youngsters couldn’t handle the addition of another game to their already crammed schedule.  Which is true to the extent that these boys (average age 20) primarily enter school for an education, but then some enter the draft (average age 23) and the NFL schedule is for 16 games.  Which generally speaking, most rookies see little or no playing time but then some do.  So that argument comes with an asterisk.  Seniors entering the draft the following spring have the conditioning that 1 more game could aid in the transition to the big league.  But of course, one more game also adds the risk of injury and coming up with nothing.

Who would OSU rather play?  If you ask them they’ll say it doesn’t matter who they play but I think they’d rather play Florida for the psychological advantage.  Michigan has already played them and played well,  Florida has not.  Who will feel more apprehension?  Florida.  Who will have more emotion?  Michigan.  Who does OSU fear most?  Michigan, though they won’t admit it.

I like college football… a lot.   I was disappointed Iowa didn’t fair better, but that seems to be our lot in life, each year we get built up only to be let down.  I’d love to live to see us win the National championship, but I don’t think there are enough rings around any tree to allow that.  My NFL underdog team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers,  did win the Super Bowl once so nothing is impossible.  But if I was to pick the winner of the rematch against OSU and Michigan I’d pick Michigan and that has to tweak a lot of OSU fans, but I always root for the underdog except in the case of Florida against OSU.  Sorry Gator fans, I live in Florida but my heart remains in the Big Ten.  I’m sure Ohio State would win that one. 

So c’mon BCS, prove me wrong… put OSU up against Michigan and let the rematch begin.  Either way,  that game would be a monster.