Twinkie, twinkie… little bar

how I wonder what you are.

Tightly wrapped in cellophane

preservatives flow through my brain.

Twinkie, twinkie… little bar

how I wonder what you are.


It is amazing the foods we consume.  We really don’t know that much about them except that they taste good and are bad for us but what a sweet way to go.  Take the lowly Twinkie, created in 1930.  The ingredients have remained a closely guarded secret, but the rumors abound as to how and when they are/were made.

Twinkie shelf life is phenomenal, it is said that they can last 30 years without much change in taste and texture.  That means the wrapping would deteriorate long before the product would.  As a matter of fact, it is rumored that at one time in the begining of production the manufacturer muffed an order and made a billion of the little sponge cakes that we are still consuming today.

Way back in 1948 it is reported that one man began eating Twinkies and ate a least one twinkie a day there after.  Now 58 years later that is a total of over 20,000 twinkies in his life time and guess what happened to him?  Nothing.  It is thought that the preservatives will keep him alive indefinitely.

Twinkies have gotten a bad rap in the past.  Like remember the so called “Twinkie defense”?  That was the guy who said eating too many Twinkies caused him to commit his crime.  Or like saying eating too many Twinkies made a person fat.  (only 145 calories each, sheesh!)  Consumption to the exteme can cause unwanted effects in most carb based foods, not just Twinkies.  Duh.

Twinkies have been placed in time capsules and used as an art form.  Twinkies have been featured foods at fairs, restaurants and little kids lunch boxes.  They have been the brunt of fat jokes and used as movie props.  There are web sites dedicated to them. There have even been scientific experiments performed on these little guys and to what conclusion? 

People eat them because they taste good, that’s all we need to know.


If I had a Twinkie

I’d eat it in the morning

I’d eat it in the evening

all over this land.

Homogenized creme filling

and Yellow dye 11,

I’d eat about a dozen between

my brother and my sister

all over this land.


2 Responses to “twinkies”

  1. shiborigirl Says:

    ok…..i’m adding you to my faves. regarding twinkies, they were the prize in the tin lunchbox of my youth. i know i’m not supposed to like them. i have resisted the urge to buy them deep-fried at the county fair. but i did see a very artistic wedding cake created by a chef made completely of hostess snack cakes!

  2. chrisfiore5 Says:

    Hey! how cool! and thanks for putting me on you favs… peace.

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