prime time ugly and hidden camera chic

Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder…  ahem,  that is…  the beholder.  There is a billion dollar industry out there trying to make us all better looking.  Is that an appeal to our vanity or is it to help make us more acceptable to society?  I wonder…

Lately it seems we have been privy to a lot of hidden camera high jinx ala Alan Funt.  Reality shows and sitcoms are portraying ugly people in situations that appear to be day to day and are capturing the public’s reaction to them.  Maybe that is a good thing, that we have empathy for one another.  Walk a mile in their shoes.  See things from their prospective.  Our society is prejudiced to young,  good looking people and I think that is only natural.  If you look at the animal kingdom you’ll find there is physical attraction in amongst the mating rituals.  Why not with humans?

Of course, beauty is only skin deep.  An attractive person can hide an ugly personality or a sinister ulterior motive.  I find it hard to feel sorry for Tyra Banks when she gets snubbed for being unattractive for a few hours but has the rest of her life to live as a super model.  Does a few hours in a fat suit make you an authority on prejudice directed towards over weight people?  I know there are people out there who have become successful despite being bathroom scale challenged, even in the entertainment industry.

If a news piece is slanted towards going “undercover” to show the public snubbing fat and/or ugly victims, are they going to include the clips of people that DO act courteous or polite?  While they are at it, why not include the nasty bullies that show intolerance for the elderly or the poor or the un-educated?  Prejudice exists in various forms, it has been around since the dawn of time and it shouldn’t be dealt with as a passing “hot topic”. 

Take for example the TomKat wedding.  Is all that hype and expense really necessary?  To me it is a big build up that can only lead to a small let down.  A marriage ceremony isn’t the end of a relationship,  only the beginning of a commitment that is life long.  A starting line that doesn’t kick off a race in sprint fashion but a slow marathon, an endurance run to the finish.  Would the public have been that interested if Tom and Katie had been fat, ugly ordinary people?  Probably not, but the moral and social fabric of our society is built in real situations, not fairy tales.  It will interesting to see how their relationship plays out in the tabloids.

In the mean time, what to do about our distaste for the unattractive humans in our midst?  Do these programs depicting unpleasant interactions “undercover” really solve anything? If it is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder the emphasis should be on the individuality of the subject and not their outward appearance.  Lipstick and rouge won’t keep you warm at night, neither will charm or a bright smile.  Our own self worth should come first.  Tyra Banks with a 54 inch waist might be a nicer person than Tyra Banks in a bikini because she has to work harder at being human.  The world doesn’t cater to her as a fat, un-attractive person?  Oh,  the humility!

 If we set our standards then we can only disappoint ourselves.  Let the superficial idols come and fade away, walk like you have the secret to life’s mysteries because in essence, you do.  Happiness comes from within, nurture that and you will be prepared for the next hidden camera agenda, come what may.  

We should be making everyone work harder at acceptance and good looking people have the biggest astigmatism.  They have to get over themselves…   

One Response to “prime time ugly and hidden camera chic”

  1. Cyndi Says:

    Well said. This society is too hung up on looks when they should be judging people for the content of their character, not the size of their bank books or their beauty.

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