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’53 Studebaker goin’ for broke…

November 14, 2006

Yeah, today was one of them days when you just wanna say “phooey” and haul buggy.  I don’t know why, but sometimes the world looks different no matter what color shades I am wearing.  My mood ring turns into a black hole and some kind of nonsense continuously bounces around inside my head saying things like,  “Who needs this?”

I don’t like it when I get that way because when I get that way I am definitely not the kind of person I want to hang around with and so I say things like, “Snap out of it” but when I get that way I typically ignore people like me anyway so I am stuck being in a bad mood, dang. 

I try to think of the old stand by relief aids like, “It could be worse” or “It’ll be better tomorrow” but on this particular day the old stand bys are doing just that, standing by… while I get into Stevie “Guitar” Miller and wail…


“Pack my bags…  don’t be  too slow,

should have quit you, baby… a long time ago.

Left you flat…  and split for Mexico.”


Sometimes just the thought of being able to chuck it all and split to Mexico sounds so appealing, but then I think… “Dude, you can’t ‘split for Mexico’ when you don’t know anybody there or even speak the language!”  Which is frustrating because that is what being free is all about,  saying cool stuff like…


“I’ve had enough of your lies… I’ll be gone a long time,

’cause you and your Mother, baby… are like a nursery rhyme.

You’re much too slow… I’m goin’ to Mexico.”


I’m not sure of the connotations behind being ‘like a nursery rhyme’ but I’m sure that it is bad news otherwise this dude wouldn’t be splittin’ to Mexico in his…


” ’53 Studebaker goin’ for broke… I’m pushin’ it night and day”


Now after going through all that I’m starting to feel better about myself and begin to wish I had a ’53 Studebaker just to pretend I COULD go to Mexico if I wanted to… though really I wouldn’t go there.  If I was to up and vamoose  I’d probably go back home to Iowa but there are no cool songs that say “split to I O A”  which is kinda sad, because if a person had a choice between splittin’ for Iowa and splittin’ for Mexico they’d probably pick Mexico without giving it a second thought.  So I find it necessary to write a “split to Iowa” song just to cool up the location for future splitters and blow down dem blues…


“Pack my bags…   got nothin’ to say,

 shouldn’t leave you, baby…  I will anyway.

you’re like a nursery rhyme…   splittin’ to I O A ” 


I know it don’t make too much sense, but folks…   this is like therapy to me and I can now smile again.