I don’t know where that came from…

 a riddle:  Police enter a warehouse and find a dead man slumped over a table clutching an ace of spades.  The man has been stabbed in the back and there are no witnesses.  With 52 bicycles scattered across the warehouse floor, police say they know why the man was killed.  Do you?

Political correctness, is anyone else besides me tired of that phrase?  There are so many things going on in the world that we should be diverting our attention to, why worry about a simple greeting? what is the big deal about someone wishing you well? can’t we all just… get along?  Case in point:  the Walmart greeter. 

You know who they are, after you walk through the automatic sliding door and grab your cart a kindly looking, older person smiles and says, “Welcome to Walmart!”  Now with the holidays rapidly approaching (you know, the big “C”) greeters have been instructed to say,”Merry Christmas”.   What is the problem with that? 

I read in USA Today that after being accused last year of downplaying Christmas Walmart and other retailers are coming back with a vengeance,  full of holiday spirit.  Apparently just when you think it was safe to ignore the obvious, the majority of the people have made their case for tradition and won.   What person in their right mind could be offended because someone has offered a cheerful greeting?  Even if you find them bothersome, the spirit of goodwill is something everyone should be trying to further, regardless of their religious or political background.  The fact that there are more cases of depression and suicide at this time of the year should prompt us to  be courteous and return (or at least acknowledge) that spirit.  There is always time to get offended around Easter.  How people can demand a blanket approach to what amounts to making us all carbon copies of each other is comical.  I say those critics should be mistletoed…

If someone says to me, “Feliz Navidad”  I don’t have to say, “speak English”.  I can appreciate the manner of the greeting and the tone in which it is offered simply by saying, “thank you”.  The greeting  doesn’t require I answer in Spanish, and my response returns the greeter’s well wishes.  Personally I think holidays are over commercialized but who am I to complain?  If I don’t want to be bothered by Salvation Army volunteers then I avoid shopping centers.  If hearing Christmas music piped in over the PA system gets my dander up I don’t go near the shopping malls.  If I look and see paganistic ritual and bright colors I don’t like then I look the other way.  And if all I can find on T.V. on Christmas day is “It’s a Wonderful Life” then I watch that or turn it off.  Come to think of it, “It’s a Wonderful Life” just happens to be one of my favorite movies and I never tire of seeing it.  Perhaps more people need to see it; because, in a nut shell… it is. 

Maybe those people who have to take offense  are an offense unto themselves.  Maybe they haven’t learned tolerance or accepted the fact that we are different and free to believe what we will because of our conscience.  Some may need their conscience trained, because morality, respect or justice are traits that must be taught, they don’t come automatically. 

I wonder sometimes if people that cry foul aren’t afraid that the light that shines from experiencing joy may not be aimed at them…  and that is the riddle.  Why do some seem to enjoy life more than others?  It is not what we possess that brings happiness, it is our own mental strategy.   Solve that riddle and you may understand the complexity of one of  life’s most frequently asked shopping questions:


2 Responses to “I don’t know where that came from…”

  1. -ell Says:

    great post…but what’s the answer to the riddle? I am assuming it has to do with the fact that there are 52 cards on the floor and he’s holding an extra one?

  2. freevolition Says:

    Yes, I am also very tired of that phrase. If I may borrow a quote from another favorite blogger of mine; Common sense is usually the first casualty of emotionalism. I’d have to say that I totally agree.

    Hey, when they start calling manholes ‘people holes’ I’m asking the planet to stop so I can get off.

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