Well!  those highly contested elections are over and what have we learned?  We don’t want to “stay the course” anymore, but that was conceded several weeks ago.  Rumsfeld was out of touch with reality, but that was made apparent a while back, too.  People want a change so that is what were are (hopefully) going to get.  But is just ANY change a good thing?  I wonder if change just for the sake of change couldn’t be dangerous. 

5 years after 9/11 Americans don’t feel any safer so the Iraq effort appears to have been all for not.   We are no closer to catching Osama Bin Laden than we were on 9/12 and that is perplexing to me.  With all the modern technologies and human effort at our disposal that is the best the government can do?  Terrorism is still a hot topic and on the minds of all of us.

So now with 51% of Democrats in charge what can we hope for?  I’d like to see our government turn back to being a servant of the people.  I’m hopeful that we can inspire our young people to be genuinely interested in our society to plan and work towards the future, not just succumb to it.  We need to be using the best of our knowledge and tools for the benefit of our citizens.  We should realize that we need to concentrate our efforts at home first and foremost, there is too much separating us right now.  Why not be proud of ourselves rather than feeling like we owe the world an apology?

51% is the slimmest of margins, but it is a majority.  If you were a stock holder, having 51% ownership in a company would be controlling interest.  If you were a weatherman and you were right 51% of the time people would think you were fairly accurate.  If you were a gambler winning 51% of the pot would be pretty good odds.  If you had 51% of a pie or cookie, that might be the difference of just having desert or really enjoying it.

But… somewhere out there, lurking… always watching, ready to pounce is… the other 49 and they don’t like to be wrong, or lose or not have an equal share.  In order to work together we need to seek common ground now and be united in effort…  put aside petty differences and agendas. 

What we lack is dignity, a positive view of our own social worth.  All of us combined is greater than what we could ever be alone.  Why not work for the common good?  Why not realize that we need each other and our diversity is what makes us great?

I’d take 51% of a family together than 100% of isolation any day.

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