more pet peeves

People on cell phones really irritate me, and I have owned a cell phone for years.  Why is it that when people talk on their phones they think nobody can hear them?  They get really loud sometimes, like a higher volume will help keep the conversation private?  It’s funny watching people walk along with these crazy gestures, flailing their arms around, rolling their eyes, etc.   Now that we have blue tooth, it looks like we’ve been over run by a hoard of eccentric Borgs.   And I hate seeing people drive while talking on the phone,  it’s like the control of a one and a half ton vehicle is incidental to their important phone call.  Probably the most insulting thing about cell phones is watching people talk on them while they are in a restaurant.  I don’t know how many times I’ve seen a couple eating together while one is on his/her phone gabbing away.  It is weird how we have all this technology for ultimate communication but we ignore a person we are less than 3 feet from. 

While we are on the subject of driving, it also bothers me to see women putting on make-up while they are trying to maneuver through traffic.  Why can’t they do that at home?  It used to be a secret when someone used a little make-up, but now it is like women can’t get enough of preening in front of a mirror, touching up their faces or just admiring themselves.  But if also seems to bother them if they catch you watching, or if you honk the horn at them because the light has turned green and they have been too involved with making themselves up  to notice.  Also puzzling is a when a woman acts offended if you are caught admiring her good looks.  How many times have we heard women complain that men aren’t interested in their mind or brains but they’ll spend a lot of money on looking sexy, not intelligent.  With marriages having a 50-50 chance of survival, maybe just being attractive is not enough.

With this being a big election day I must say I get peeved at campaigns, too, especially the silly tactics we have to endure.   This morning as I was driving to work I passed a bunch of waving volunteers holding up signs for their candidate while he stood there smiling broadly.  What was particularly amusing about this was the fact that it was drizzling rain at the time.  Now what person in their right mind would vote for a guy who didn’t have enough sense to get out of the rain?  I also hate the placement of multiple signs along the roadway as if drivers don’t have enough on their minds.  Are the rows of signs, wind-up mechanical wavers or T.V. ads going to influence the voting public?  Probably, and that is sad… we the people should not be allowing outside influences like advertisement sway our opinions without regard to months or years of public record or prior activity. 

Rude behavior by people who should know better bothers me.  But I also don’t like people who fake being nice like a used car salesman.  I get a little uneasy when people continually tell me how good they are, or how much they like me and are doing me that “special” favor.  If you are good, people will notice and tell others… you don’t have to trumpet your own worth.  I get embarrassed when people put down others to elevate themselves, or when they brag about their accomplishments… fearing, perhaps, that you haven’t noticed.

I hate it when people read magazines in the check out isle.  I know these people are not going to BUY these magazines, they are merely passing the time as they wait to move down to the cashier.  I can’t help thinking that these people are cheating, getting pleasure or information reading material that is meant to be purchased and enjoyed somewhere else.  Not to mention germs from unclean hands, coughing or sneezing on pages then briskly putting the magazines back on the stand for someone else to unknowingly pick up second hand.

Ofcourse, you may have pet peeves of your own, but remember this:  “there is no advantage that you can’t make for someone else”. In other words, when you feel good about yourself it should be because you just made someone else feel superior, not because you showed them up or accomplished what you should be doing anyway.  After all, the offering of yourself is the most precious gift you can deliver.  Do so with humility and grace, because your kindness cannot be taken… only given.   


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