the illegal immigration solution, part 1

I am torn in my heart over the issue of illegal immigration.  There have been strong cases presented for the strengthening of our security at the borders and repelling would be illegal entrants and/or the relaxing of our laws to accommodate them.  What is the right thing to do? 

Yesterday, Oct. 14th, was the 46 year anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s first public mention of the Peace Corps.  A month later he made a formal announcement of his intention to initiate the Corps should he be elected president, which he was and did in 1961.  I think America’s outlook on the world was different then.  We were embroiled in the cold war and needed a propaganda machine to help put us in a favorable light against the evils of communism.  Not that the Peace Corps was a bad idea, on the contrary… it helped open America’s eyes to the sufferings and injustices of people world wide and offered working solutions to over come adversity.  Volunteers learned valuable skills that helped them to become successful and heightened their awareness of a world in need of help.   It was probably one of Kennedy’s proudest achievements.

Four years later, President Johnson signed the new Immigration Bill that was supported strongly by Senator Ted Kennedy.  At that time there was a social change coming due largely because of the civil rights movement.  America’s view of those suffering social injustice and poverty was one of compassion.  We were the undisputed champions of the world (following WWII) .  Other countries looked to us to guide them to the successes that we enjoyed,  which we gladly did for the sake of Democracy.  We were the envy of the free world… 

But now there are laws in place that need to be enforced and guidelines that should to be followed.  History has shown us that our welcoming embrace has been taken advantage of.  Now we face a dilemma unprecedented in modern society, millions of illegal immigrants demanding to be allowed to stay despite the fact that laws have been violated and procedures ignored. 

I don’t blame people for wanting a better life,  that is what our country was founded upon, relief from oppression and the freedom to govern ourselves.  Our founding fathers wanted a better life free from tyranny.   From the very begining people wanted freedom to pursue their dreams in the land of opportunity.  Soon laws were created guaranteeing that we all would have equal access to the means of realizing those dreams.  The bounty of this new world seemed endless 200 years ago, but what about now?

To be continued…



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