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I had an conversation with a friend of mine the other day debating the taste of margarine over real butter.  Margarine, of course is a synthetic concoction made up of chemicals that is designed to have the look, texture and taste of real butter.  Now I gotta ask…  which could be better for you?  Something natural or man made? If we are truly what we eat, where is the logic of consuming an un-natural  product that is made to try to replace the real thing?  Why not eat the real thing and be done with it? 

Oh, I know there are the reports of trans fat and cholesterol, too many calories and stuff like that, but can eating something that is just a step or two removed from being a plastic actually be better for us?  Why not just eat the wax fruit and those little Styrofoam packing pieces that always end up in a candy tray as a joke if Mother Nature has had it in for us all this time?  It makes me wonder how all those generations before us managed to survive on nothing more than the products of the garden and fruit of the vine?  The life expectancy of a grown man several centuries ago was about 45 years, maybe it was due to the lack of plastic in his diet?  Shucks, it would have been better than chewing on bark ‘n’ berries (a cool name for a breakfast cereal) and would have probably tasted better, too.  History may have recorded it something like this, (if History would have had a recorder):

Garth: “Hey Zeke!  Lookin’ a little under the weather, how’s your synthetic intake?”

Zeke: “Synthetic intake?  What ya’ll talkin’ about?  Combustible engines won’t be invented for another 100 years!”

On top of that, I just read a report that decaffeinated coffee actually has caffeine in it!  Talk about a misrepresentation.  Imagine all those millions of people drinking at Starbucks who now can sue.

I don’t understand our food industry or the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) allowing these things to go on in our society!  And another thing!  I found out recently that chocolate may actually be good for you!  What?  All these years of being told it is “sinfully” delicious and a “guilty pleasure” and now we find we have been duped into eating something we thought was bad only to now discover it is good?  Weird! I’ll never touch another M&M… (and don’t even get me started on those peanuts)

 Oh and guess what?  Equal can cause migraine headaches.  That and corn syrup (which has been linked to obesity) is supposed to be better for you than sugar?  

So now here it is, we are being told that margarine is good (a synthetic) and butter (ala naturale’) is bad.  I think,  (unless you are a  mannequin) natural substances should win out, but that is just me.  Would I rather live to be healthy and robust 45 year old as opposed to an 80 year old who has been pumped full of preservatives?  I don’t know…

…but have you seen those hot babes in the mall shop windows lately?


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