Casting the First Stone (… in defense of Mark Foley)

Oh boy, I’d love to jump on the bandwagon here… but I’m not going to.   As the fallout continues over the IM’s and e-mails of Mr. Foley, one can’t help wonder how a person becomes so emboldened in the first place.  Especially if the allegations are true and if there has been a history of chastisement by the Republican party.  Now the House speaker and the 43rd President of the United States are being dragged into a “cover-up” charge by the Democrats and the November elections appear to be undermined.  New accusations say this “scandal” was timed to put the Republican re-election bids in chaos and bolster the Democratic minority.   One party tries to defuse the situation while the other scrambles for matches.  To tell the truth… the American people should be smarter than this.

Mark Foley did do some good in his tenure of public service, addressing things such as access to pornography on the Internet by young children and prescribing laws to curtail it.  He partnered up with John Walsh of America’s Most Wanted to aid in the fight against the abuse and exploitation of children.  Lest we forget this fact, he has been openly gay for quite sometime and has been re-elected several times…(which means he must have done something right)   Foley never tried to hide who or what he was… (though he didn’t publicly announce he was gay until recently)   People just turned a blind eye to it.  

Personally I never liked the idea of proclaiming ones sexual orientation like some football fan pledging his allegiance to a certain team.  To me it has always been a private matter that would manifest itself over due course and time.  I don’t need to tell new acquaintances, “I am a heterosexual” like so much water cooler, armchair quarterbacking Monday morning small talk… it is no one else’s business.  It is also no one else’s business what I watch, listen to, dream about or one day hope to be or aspire to become unless I choose to tell them.  Mark Foley has the same privilege.  I don’t agree with his methods, tastes or choosings of young pages to troll about, but I’ll bet his is not an isolated case.  Maybe just the tip of the iceberg…

I guess what really irks people is that the Republicans come off as being so pious, so in tune with the religious right, so much holier than thou…  God’s sole instrument here on Earth.  So much so that when a member of that party is singled out and criticized for being no better than the rest of us mere mortals… it tarnishes them.  They set a standard they could not live up to.   Which should be a lesson for us,  no one is infallible.  Not Republicans, not Democrats, not you or me.  We all make mistakes… which ensures our identity as part of the human race… because we are all imperfect.

I hate to watch the news these days, I know there are more important issues out there than what has transpired over the past week with Mark Foley.  Each person has to conclude that they are voting for a person and not a party or it’s lofty, unrealistic ideals.  Maybe when we think we have someone in office that could be more moral than we ourselves can be we just feel better, like we’ve done our part for the good of society.  When that person fails to uphold what we probably couldn’t do either, we feel cheated or misled.  But really, folks… can any political protegee make atonement for our sins?  I don’t think so.  We reap what we sow…

I am reminded of the security camera that caught an attempted break in.  The perpetrator picked up a brick and hurled it at the plate glass window of a street side store only to have it bounce off and strike him in the head, rendering him unconscious.  The moral of the story?  If you are going to throw stones… duck! they may come right back at you.

Mark Foley was a fruit in a garden of weeds that should be tilled under, the entire ground is polluted.  He was permitted to do what he has done for the sake of politics, and that is what is so sad…

Is there no moral backbone in government…   or only empty speech alluding to it?

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