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reality T.V. bit(e)s

September 2, 2006

It is getting fairly silly out there in T.V. land (not in a good way) and I can’t believe the general public is soaking it up.  With the new fall line up ready to premier even my ol’ buddy Dr. Phil is jumping on the reality T.V. bandwagon.  These “events” are STAGED PEOPLE!  They are not real, not even close!  They are prompted, rehearsed, directed and edited for your viewing entertainment.  Real life is spontaneous, clumsy, dull and sometimes funnier than what you see before you on the tube.  If you don’t agree, you need to get real and not with your television set.

I read of one program coming that has a woman as a single mother who is an Internet stripper and finds she may have supernatural powers.  Here’s a dose of reality for you, that could never happen!  What self respecting poltergeist would want to hang out with somebody who couldn’t hold a real job?  Credibility, that’s what they look for.  I mean, could anybody take a stripper seriously, especially if she claims to see dead people?  I’ve heard of waking the dead, but could anyone conceivably get them to actually surf the web?  It takes less effort to be a Peeping Tom, (which is what you are when viewing Internet strippers) you don’t need DSL and it is real.  Ghosts have known this for centuries.

And have you noticed that there seem to be more and more programs offering some link to the afterlife?  Weird.  It is like the Baskin-Robbins 31 flavors of programming.  Years ago we had the T&A programs that threw in jiggly, joggin’ Janes with some faint theme attached, but nobody cared.  It went something like this…

Fade in:  Young, buxom and tanned blonde runs down the beach.  Remainder of story unfolds and concludes.  Young, buxom and tanned blonde runs towards the sunset.  Fade out

It was eye candy and not meant to be taken seriously.  I think we need more imagination in our storylines and less in the routine of “reluctant person, doubts ability but seems to be singled out and drawn to the unknown….”  rubbish!  In reality people that had power like that would parlay it for family secrets, winning lottery numbers and x-ray vision.  Who cares what the ones passed on have to say to their family members?  THEY ARE DEAD!  big surprise!

Oh, I know some people may have some unsettled issues with a loved one, (like where they buried the loot) but really shouldn’t they be allowed just to rest in peace?  (Content in the knowledge that they got away with it through all eternity?)

I long for the days when a program had socially redeeming values, and I’m not throwing my hat in with the Moral Majority, (not that they really exist).  Remember Aesop’s fables?  There were lessons to be learned from the “moral of the story”.  I think we need more than that today.  If T.V. is to be an educational tool, (and it is undeniably so) then it needs a compass to guide us along.  I don’t mean that we need more regulations from the government (enough of that already) but thankfully they are coming out with parential control (which is a good thing.)  But we as a society need to get away from the “entertain me now” mode and find our own reality, get into our own lives and cherish those memories.  How sad it would be to live into our twilight years only to look back and confuse family and friends with the 31 flavors of cable.