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Life Begins at WD40

September 28, 2006

Simple things we take for granted like safety pins and q-tips, do you ever stop and think about the wonders of science?  It seems whenever I come up with a good idea for something I find it has already been invented, which creates a kind of black hole in my psyche, I mean …  do I get to sue or am I entitled to some compensation or what?  Shoot, this being creative stuff is hard enough the way it is without being out maneuvered by some big corporation who had the ways,  means and think tanks  to develop it first. 

Take for example a slogan I read on a T-shirt in Key West:   “Liver is Evil   It Must Be Punished.”  I was told the guy that originally came up with that clever line was deprived of recognition and royalties because the phrasing was altered from the original:  “The Liver is Evil  It Must Be Punished.”  Now you might not think that it is such a big deal but imagine this;  thousands of T-shirts are sold annually with your concept printed on them and you don’t receive a single dime, bummer.

I go by a church every day, perhaps several in a single day, in fact… there are more churches in my area than you can shake a collection plate at.  I marvel at the catchy, little phrases on their signs out front.  It used to be the sermon of the week was posted there but now you get cool little quips like; “Seven Days Without Prayer Makes One Weak” or “Free Extreme Makeovers, Inquire Inside”and “Ch_ _ ch What’s Missing?  U R”  It makes me wonder if there is a church going, slogan writing person out there that peddles his little banners through-out the church industry.  (Yes, folks… it is an industry, trust me) Now I know for a fact that these antidotes (Life is Fragile, Handle With Prayer) are freely passed from parish to parish, denomination to denomination because I recognize them from religious messages in other areas.  (It is unthinkable to surmise that these brainteasers are stolen)   So I wonder if there is some infringement going on and have they all just agreed to tolerate it?  If it is a mutual understanding in the religious practicing world that these marquees are for their general use… why can’t they tolerate other things as well?  Especially when they all seem to have different interpretations of a single, mutually shared source, i.e. the Bible?   I think it sends a mixed message…  (Looking for a Sign From God?  Here it is!)

Sometimes these little sayings really do have a poignant message like the one I read the other day which goes; 

Yesterday is history   tomorrow is a mystery   today is a gift   that is why it is called “the present”

I liked that one, but I didn’t see it on a sign at some church…  I read it on an invoice I got from one of my suppliers, people I buy goods from for my business.  It has been on my mind for the past two weeks and the wisdom from that little blurb will no doubt stay with me the rest of my life.  I don’t know who made that one up but it’s message couldn’t be simpler or ring more true.

Like I said, my best ideas always seem to be thought of by someone else and claimed as their own long before I get around to thinking of them.  Still… it doesn’t diminish the validity of the statement. 

I know the squeaky wheel gets the inspirational grease, sometimes we have to just keep grinding those mental gears…   I think, therefore I am…  what I am.